Model Cars, Planes & Yachts

Handcrafted using artisan skill, our selection of vintage model cars, yachts and model airplanes are made with a characteristic level of detail to ensure an authentic and highly polished finish. Whether you’re looking for a classic car model, a signature Spitfire or a 1930s model yacht, our collection has been carefully curated for the collector in all of us featuring pieces from brands such as Authentic Models and Eichholtz. These intricately made models celebrate the era of transportation and discovery, boasting beauty both inside and out. Be it a decorative feature for your home office, a talking point for your mantelpiece or a treasured gift for a loved one, each of these vintage models has a story to tell!

Our model planes offer a selection of designs with a characteristic likeness including WW1 and WW2 planes such as the Sopwith Camel, the Spitfire and the Mustang. Not limited to simply classics, our collection of flying model airplanes also sees some more recent depictions such as the infamous supersonic airplane, Concorde. Meanwhile, back down on the water, our selection of model ships and boats come in an array of familiar figures. Model yachts are a fantastic feature for any home, hand-painted with vibrant washes of colour and affixed with elegant sails as if they were sitting against the water’s edge. From the humble model sailing yacht to the magnificence of a commercial liner, we also offer scaled replicas of iconic ships like the RMS Titanic, with its grandeur and magnificence depicted in stunning detail. On the road, we’ve got the perfect addition to your classic car model collection. From the vibrant red hues of the BB Korn and the Bantam Midget to the streamline sophistication of Germany’s ‘silver arrow’ Silberpfeil, our vintage model cars offer great likeness and precision in design.

Cars, Planes & Yachts

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  1. Authentic Models

    Silberpfeil Model Car

    From £124.25

  2. Authentic Models

    Indianapolis Model Car

    From £115.00

  3. Authentic Models

    Bantam Midget Model Car

    From £350.00

  4. Authentic Models

    Classic Yacht 1930s

    From £122.50

  5. Authentic Models

    Sopwith Camel

    From £648.00

Items 1-36 of 46

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