Authentic Models

Authentic Models furniture, lighting and home décor is a Dutch homeware collection which celebrates the age of exploration, travel and discovery! Born in 1968 in Amsterdam, many visitors to our showrooms are astounded by the effortless harmony of beauty and practicaility within Authentic Models furniture and home accessories. Inspired by the historical discovery, maritime history, cartography and more, the furniture, lighting and artefacts by Authentic Models are exciting and educational pieces.


Authentic Models have created a comprehensive collection of historical redproductions and unique home decor with their never-ending quest for unique objects and designs, coupled with their goal to share their stories with a dedicated audience. They are the perfect addition to bring some character into your home.

Why not view our incredibly detailed Authentic Models Modular campaign furniture? Strikingly original, these beautiful pieces are composed of stackable units or sections for easy construction and entirely flexible arrangement, ensuring they ooze practicality with their extensive storage capabilities. Their unique arrangments also make for interesting stories regarding their historical usage, ensuring their proud status as one-of-a-kind amenities. Get the 'Campaign Look' and fascinate all your friends and family with these highly interesting pieces of historical furniture.

Authentic Model's home accessories include their childrens' range which consists of crafts for a rainy afternoon, or games to challenge a budding young mind. Build a ship in a bottle, learn to tie nautical knots and ropes, juggle, or create your own shell jewellery – all with Authentic Models kid's gifts and accessories! An interactive mix of history and adventure, all of Authentic Models' unique and fun toys and games are packaged in inspirational, handmade, colourful boxes, making them wonderful gifts for the young and the young at heart.

Authentic Model’s aviation models in particular are very exciting – in the 1930s, the introduction of travel through the air meant a whole new world suddenly became accessible. Replicating the first models from when a voyage from Amsterdam to Jakarta took days instead of months, these pieces of aircraft are beautifully made to create detailed replicas inspired by some of the most exciting times in the development of human technology. Their range of aviation models also make for the perfect ‘boys’ toys’ for those with a young spirit and a sense of adventure! 

Other accessories such as their beautiful collection of globes, compasses, maps and writing equipment also bring to life the age of technological advancement. Travel back in time to witness these amazing artefacts in all their historical glory, or alternatively let your imagination set sail with nautical accessories, inspired by the golden age of discovery and exploration. 

Authentic Models are extremely proud of their team of skilled craftsmen. Working tin, copper, and brass sheet is an extraordinary craft that takes many years to master, and these skills are stunningly brought to life in their pieces. Their hard work can be seen most clearly within their spectacular lighting range, from the classic romantic tole lanterns that light garden parties to the architectural, towering grace of their nautical-themed searchlights waiting to command your living room.

Alongside Authentic Models, Pavilion Broadway aim to create the perfect room settings, from meeting your furniture needs all the way down to home accessories and the finest details of your ideal interior. We invite you to buy from the complete Authentic Models collection, which means that if you see a product elsewhere which is not on our website, please get in touch and we can source the product for you, most likely at a more competitive price!