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SIA Artificial Flowers

A company born in the heart of the flower-power era, SIA flowers represents the very best in home fashion and quality silk flower decorations. SIA brings the renowned styles of designer, Jean-Marc Gady, to life, which take inspiration from the natural cycle of the seasons. SIA itself stands for the initials of its founder, Sonja Ingegerd Andersson, who's fairytale story began in her very own Swedish kitchen in 1963. Sonja first started creating her famous handmade silk flowers with tissue paper, a creative art that continues to be a cornerstone of SIA’s history. After magnificent success, Sonja's house quickly transformed into a workshop within which the entire village helped to cut and fold her colourful artificial flowers, ready to dispatch.

As SIA's popularity grew, so did Sonja's product list, developing new designs for vases, photo frames, batiks, tableware, decorative accessories, candle holders and much more. Today, SIA is an international company that operates within five continents, offering some of the best artificial flowers in the world. This enchanting success story is a tribute to the spectacular designs within this range which are brought to life with only the finest quality materials. In particular, SIA artificial flowers are reputed all over the world for their outstanding replica quality and elegance, offering all manner of faux flora from artificial orchids in pots to gorgeous single stems. SIA’s contemporary artificial flower arrangements are available in seasonal designs as well as timeless English classics and your guests will remain positive that your centrepiece is a freshly picked bunch.

SIA Artificial Flowers

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  1. SIA

    Dahlia Height 38cm

    From £5.10

  2. SIA

    Foxtail Lily Height 126cm

    From £7.34

  3. SIA

    Foxtail Lily Height 145cm

    From £7.34

  4. SIA


    From £13.06

  5. SIA

    Lavender Bundle Height 40cm

    From £7.34

  6. SIA

    Lavender Height 82cm

    From £6.59

  7. SIA

    Peony Height 85cm

    From £13.36

  8. SIA

    Peony Height 34cm

    From £2.34

  9. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Hot Pink

    From £7.34

  10. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Light Yellow

    From £4.43

  11. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Orange

    From £17.40

  12. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Fuchsia

    From £14.26

  13. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Blue

    From £7.14

  14. SIA

    Cymbidium Orchid

    From £12.74

  15. SIA

    Orchid Vanda

    From £9.00

  16. SIA

    Dendrobium Orchid

    From £18.00

  17. SIA

    Rose Garden Spray

    From £17.40

  18. SIA

    Rose Joan

    From £4.80

  19. SIA

    Tea Rose Spray

    From £10.19

  20. SIA

    Christmas Rose

    From £4.50

  21. SIA

    Rose Duchess

    From £6.54

  22. SIA

    Rose Julie Height 51cm

    From £10.18

  23. SIA

    Rose Julie Height 38cm

    From £5.98

  24. SIA

    Rose Maria - Bud

    From £2.10

  25. SIA

    Rose Valerie - Open

    From £2.10

  26. SIA

    Rose Maria - Open

    From £4.20

  27. SIA


    From £7.50

  28. SIA

    English Rose Bud

    From £7.78

  29. SIA

    Decorative Filler Sand

    From £2.34

  30. SIA

    Flower & Room Scent - 30ml

    From £6.00

  31. SIA

    Flower & Room Scent - 100ml

    From £13.06

  32. SIA

    Lamp Shade Flower - Large

    Regular Price £71.00 Special Price £42.60
  33. SIA

    Lamp Shade Flower - Small

    Regular Price £55.00 Special Price £33.00
  34. SIA

    Lamp Shade Image - Large

    Regular Price £55.00 Special Price £33.00
  35. SIA

    Lamp Shade Image - Small

    Regular Price £47.00 Special Price £28.20
  36. SIA

    Artichoke Stem Red Height 62cm - Closed

    Regular Price £22.00 Special Price £13.20

Items 1-36 of 296

per page
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