Designer Flush Wall Lights

Particularly practical for hallways and narrow landing spaces, flush wall lights sit directly against interior walls, taking up as little room as possible in order to maximise your living space. It’s for this reason that flush mount wall lights offer a perfect way to illuminate smaller interiors of the home. Although function is key, these light fittings can still be catered to your interior aesthetic through a variety of designs and styles. Discover an array of flush wall light fixtures within our collection below from the likes of Heathfield & Co, Eichholtz and RV Astley. Industrial metalwork, fluted glass and timeless lantern styles are present throughout our spectacular range so that you can find a flush wall light to fit your interior desires.

The hallway or entrance hall can often feel like a neglected area of the home due to its infrequent or fleeting usage. The lighting might be the sole feature of the room, but you can make sure its impression is felt by family and visiting guests by choosing a luxurious flush wall light alternative. Some of our favourites include flush indoor wall lights by Heathfield & Co for their abstract and innovative forms, artistically designed to lift your living space with a touch of contemporary design. We also adore our selection of flush fitting wall lights and sconces by Eichholtz, spanning period lantern, starburst and modern styles to instil an interior with a timeless sense of grandeur. Explore the selection for yourself below and discover flush wall lighting crafted to impress.

Flush Wall Lights

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  1. Heathfield & Co

    Derwent Wall Light

    From £452.70

  2. Heathfield & Co

    Langham Wall Light

    From £497.40

  3. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Oakley

    From £345.00

  4. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Vittoria

    From £685.00

  5. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Sparks in Nickel

    From £585.00

  6. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Sparks in Gold

    From £585.00

  7. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Mancini in Glass

    From £665.00

  8. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Las Palmas

    From £595.00

  9. Pavilion Chic

    Louisa Wall Light in Crystal Silver

    Regular Price £81.00 Special Price £64.80
  10. Pavilion Chic

    Wall Light Appollo Jewelled Crystal

    Regular Price £88.00 Special Price £70.40
  11. RV Astley

    Wall Light Brinley with Antique Brass Roots

    Regular Price £386.00 Special Price £308.80
  12. RV Astley

    Wall Light Nostelle with Brass Twig - Left

    Regular Price £250.00 Special Price £199.99
  13. RV Astley

    Wall Light Nostelle with Brass Twig - Right

    Regular Price £250.00 Special Price £199.99
  14. RV Astley

    Wall Light Macy with Glass Rods

    Regular Price £177.00 Special Price £141.60
  15. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Emperor

    From £315.00

Items 1-36 of 137

per page
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