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Past eras were reliant on telescopes and magnifiers to assist travellers in seeing the world much more clearly. In fact, vintage telescopes and magnifying glasses are still fundamental instruments of the modern age. Collectors of nautical and explorational accessories will be thrilled by our selection of telescopes and antique spyglass. Designed to be decorative, all spyglasses are also fully usable – simply extend the segments and push in the smallest end tube to focus! Be they for reading, pursuing hobbies or simply a collector’s item, magnifiers by Authentic Models take inspiration from a variety of influences including the Victorian and Regency eras. Magnifying lenses and pocket magnifying glasses are a historic study essential and our collection explores a variety of antique styles in brass, silver and bronze finishes that are evocative of age old styles.

For those with a keen interest in nature and wildlife, a vintage telescope is a highly functional and ornamental instrument. Ranging from tripod mounted antique brass telescopes to classic binoculars, these telescopes are ideal for observing birds and creatures in the garden at close range. Meanwhile, our selection of reading magnifiers are available in a range of small and large sizes, designed to make quite the impression within the desk or on the table top of the sophisticated home study – quickly to hand should you require a magnifying glass when high precision is required!

Magnifiers & Telescopes

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  1. Authentic Models

    Desk Magnifier in Pewter

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  2. Authentic Models

    Desk Magnifier in Brass

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  3. Authentic Models

    Rococo Magnifier

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  4. Authentic Models

    Magnifying Glass

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  5. Authentic Models

    Magnifying Glass with Stand

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  6. Authentic Models

    Avalon Telescope

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32 Items

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