Designer Decorative Columns from Eichholtz

If you’re looking for a distinct way to draw attention to a unique corner of your interior, a decorative column or home display stand provides one of the most prominent and stylish methods of forming your interior vision. Decorative columns add dimension to interior spaces and are ideal for displaying a magnificent ornament or sculpture, a beautiful floral arrangement or to underline a collection of your most prised home accessories.

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  1. Eichholtz

    Eichholtz Column Salvatore in Black

    From £495.00

  2. Richmond

    Calesta Column Set

    Regular Price £371.00 Special Price £296.80
  3. Eichholtz

    Column Odeon - Polished Stainless Steel

    From £385.00

  4. Eichholtz

    Column Odeon - Gold Finish | Black Marble

    From £405.00

  5. Eichholtz

    Column Salvatore in White

    From £545.00

  6. Eichholtz

    Wooden Column Marceau

    From £955.00

  7. Eichholtz

    Column Royalton

    From £1,305.00

  8. Jonathan Charles

    End Table Hestia in Gold

    From £690.00

  9. Jonathan Charles

    End Table Hestia in Silver

    From £690.00

  10. Eichholtz

    Column Connor

    From £1,095.00

13 Items

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