Designer Ceiling Lights

From flush ceiling lights to luxury modern chandeliers, our broad selection of designer ceiling lights provide a decorative centrepiece for every interior of the home. Luxury ceiling lights offer a precise blend of function and beauty, exploring vintage retro focal points, unusual chandeliers and understated flush ceiling lights for the minimalistic interior. Ideal for placement above tables and kitchen islands, designer pendant lights are readily on trend – particularly when used as luxury dining room lighting – drawing the eye to the very centre of the room. Alternatively, elegant and unusual chandeliers are an effective and stylish way to make a grand statement, however not always in the traditional sense you may be familiar with. Our contemporary and modern ceiling lights and chandeliers see illumination brought to life in designs more suited to today’s everyday home.

For the more petite interior or those with lower ceilings, our alluring array of contemporary flush ceiling lights are an ideal choice. Not only do these luxury ceiling lights look glamorous, but this central light fitting sits level or very close to the ceiling – a wonderful way to maximise space without compromising on your desired design! Browse our full luxury light and lighting catalogue online below or visit our showrooms to explore a vast array of luxury ceiling lights and contemporary designer lighting with your own eyes. Our interior design team have selected each flush ceiling light, chandelier and designer pendant light from a selection of designer brands, offering a beautiful range of designs and price points to ensure luxury lighting is available for every home.

Ceiling Lights

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  1. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Nestor Antique Brass

    Regular Price £103.00 Special Price £82.39
  2. Pavilion Chic

    Mod Single Pendant Light

    From £26.40

  3. Pavilion Chic

    Mod Single Pendant Light - Antique Brass

    Regular Price £33.00 Special Price £26.40
  4. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Sotiria Glass Bubble

    Regular Price £215.00 Special Price £172.01
  5. Pavilion Chic

    Single Pendant Light Ares

    From £16.01

  6. Eichholtz

    Lantern Chandelier Ferguson in Nickel

    Regular Price £2,695.00 Special Price £1,617.00
  7. Pavilion Chic

    Eva Pendant Light

    Regular Price £213.00 Special Price £170.40
  8. Pavilion Chic

    Single Pendant Light Agafya

    From £24.79

  9. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Nestor

    From £82.39

  10. Pavilion Chic

    Chandelier Bibury Crystal Glass

    From £468.00

  11. Eichholtz

    Lantern Capitol Hill

    From £1,415.00

  12. Eichholtz

    Murano Ceiling Pendant

    From £885.00

  13. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Myron in Copper

    From £73.61

  14. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Hermes

    From £107.21

  15. Eichholtz

    Pendant Light Yacht King in Brass

    Regular Price £985.00 Special Price £492.50
  16. Eichholtz

    Lantern Arcadia

    From £987.00

  17. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Kasbah Oval - Nickel

    From £485.00

  18. Eichholtz

    Stamford Ceiling Light

    From £655.00

  19. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Hermitage

    From £1,825.00

  20. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Marco Polo

    From £995.00

  21. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Salasco

    From £1,445.00

  22. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Alpina

    From £1,625.00

Items 1-36 of 827

per page
Set Descending Direction
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