Reading & Picture Lights

Designer picture lights and wall reading lights can often be used for similar purposes. Traditionally, picture lights sit above a photograph, frame or artwork piece and consist of a wide tubular fitting that allows light to be dispersed evenly to highlight wall decor. Wall mounted reading lights could also be used to same effect, whether placed either side of a picture or as a spotlight at any angle surrounding the frame to create a dramatic statement! Wall lights with reading lights are perhaps most suited to the sofa or bedside, placed where you might practically require a little extra illumination when reading books, magazines or browsing the internet.

Our wall reading lights and picture lights offer a selection of traditional and modern designs from high-end lighting brands. Heathfield & Co.’s artwork lighting spans a variety of modern designs with LED bulbs and polished chrome finishes that will make a suitable fit in the contemporary living space. Eichholtz, on the other hand, have created a range of more traditional picture lights with black and antique brass finishes across classic forms evocative of period styles. Explore our selection of wall reading lights and designer picture lights to discover spectacular illumination and design concepts for bedroom, living room, dining room and more.

Reading & Picture Lights

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  1. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Ellington

    From £365.00

  2. Heathfield & Co

    Elvio Led Reading Light

    Regular Price £338.40 Special Price £287.64
  3. Heathfield & Co

    Kinver Large Picture Light

    From £535.50

  4. Heathfield & Co

    Vito Medium Picture Light

    From £546.00

  5. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Brunswick

    From £365.00

  6. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Pacific

    From £335.00

  7. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Eclips with Swing Arm

    From £193.00

  8. Pavilion Chic

    Wall Light Sappho in Silver

    Regular Price £21.00 Special Price £16.80
  9. Pavilion Chic

    Wall Light Mercury in Silver Pewter

    From £52.00

  10. Pavilion Chic

    Leonard Wall Mounted Spotlight

    Regular Price £93.00 Special Price £74.40
  11. Pavilion Chic

    Wall Light Phoenix

    From £19.20

  12. Eichholtz

    Wall Lamp Lexington Swing Including Pleated White Shade

    From £255.00

  13. Eichholtz

    Wall Lamp Lexington Swing Including Pleated Black Shade

    From £255.00

  14. Eichholtz

    Lamp Wall Favonius

    From £375.00

  15. Eichholtz

    Wall Lamp Easy Living - Small

    From £215.00

  16. Eichholtz

    Wall Lamp Easy Living - Medium

    From £335.00

25 Items

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