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One of the largest Eichholtz outlets in the country. Shop at our 28,000sq/ft designer furniture showroom or online. Eichholtz is a brand synonymous with timeless luxury furniture, designer lighting and beautiful home accessories. Eichholtz furniture comes to life in our Tewkesbury showroom and includes pieces for every room of the home – from dining tables and chairs to coffee tables, sofas and side tables. Not limited to simply furniture, Eichholtz also provides an incredible selection of lighting and home decor, offering complete interior solutions for your home. For styling inspiration from Eichholtz interiors, read about Eichholtz over on our blog.

Theo Eichholtz

Established in 1992, the World of Eichholtz was founded by Theo Eichholtz. An antique collector, he travelled the world searching amongst shops and markets stalls to find the most unique of pieces. During a trip to Asia in the early 1990s, Theo discovered Chinese colonial furniture. He became fascinated by its beauty and design, so much so that he decided to import it. And so, the Eichholtz brand was born!

Dutch Furniture Brand

Today – more than 25 years on – Eichholtz channels a much more modern aesthetic. However, Theo’s antique roots remain very much at the heart of the brand. Based in the Netherlands, Eichholtz designers and artisans use current interior trends alongside classic features and detailing to create modern interpretations of traditional antiques. Suited to high-end spaces, Eichholtz furniture and accessories are evocative of a luxury lifestyle. The finest of materials are sourced for every item, while highly skilled craftspeople give a specialist finish to each individual piece. This high-end brand is adored by homeowners and interior designers alike. In fact, Eichholtz furniture, lighting and accessories can be found in more than 10,000 boutique hotels, restaurants, stores, clubs and luxury residences across the globe.

Shop Eichholtz Online

Explore our full Eichholtz range in our online shop below. The selection comprises of some of Eichholtz’s most popular and best-selling pieces. This includes dining tables – such as Remington and Melchior – sofas and chairs – such as Sienna, Vista Grande, Cardinale and Adagio – beautiful chandeliers – such as Argento, Kasbah, Vittoria and Boivin – and a wide range of coffee, console and side tables – such as Harvey, Sceptre and Carlisle – plus much more. Luxury is the underlining style that ties all Eichholtz pieces together. From a statement chair or an eye-catching chandelier to a glass vase or an ornate candle holder – even the smallest of Eichholtz items can have the biggest impact in an interior.

Eichholtz Furniture & Lighting

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  1. Eichholtz

    Dining Chair Bermuda

    From £605.00

  2. Eichholtz

    Dining Chair Key Largo

    From £425.00

  3. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Wentworth Nickel Including Pleated White Shades

    From £231.00

  4. Eichholtz

    Willis Dining Chair Set of 2

    From £505.00

  5. Eichholtz

    Urn Ephesius

    From £195.00

  6. Eichholtz

    Bottle Holder Emerson

    Regular Price £255.00 Special Price £153.00
  7. Eichholtz

    Coffee Table Aubrey

    From £1,795.00

  8. Eichholtz

    Stool Austin in Black & White

    Regular Price £405.00 Special Price £243.00
  9. Eichholtz

    Prince Charles Hurricane Lamp

    From £201.00

  10. Eichholtz

    Lantern Chandelier Ferguson in Nickel

    Regular Price £2,695.00 Special Price £1,617.00
  11. Eichholtz

    Dining Chair Clubhouse

    From £785.00

  12. Eichholtz

    Table Lamp Lorenzo

    From £865.00

  13. Eichholtz

    Lantern Capitol Hill

    From £1,415.00

  14. Eichholtz

    Hurricane Datcha

    From £193.00

  15. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Ellington

    From £405.00

  16. Eichholtz

    Murano Ceiling Pendant

    From £885.00

  17. Eichholtz

    Rug Gosling - Sand Grey

    From £1,185.00

  18. Eichholtz

    Dining Chair Scribe Curved Back Upholstered

    From £645.00

  19. Eichholtz

    Wall Lamp Lexington Swing Including Pleated Black Shade

    From £285.00

  20. Eichholtz

    Pendant Light Yacht King in Brass

    Regular Price £985.00 Special Price £492.50
  21. Eichholtz

    Wall Light Wentworth Gold Including Pleated Black Shades

    From £255.00

Items 1-36 of 1702

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Set Descending Direction
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