Designer Dressing Tables & Clothes Valets

Clothes valet stands and luxury dressing tables are a noteworthy furnishing piece for elegant boudoirs and handsome dressing rooms. Modern luxury dressing tables are a beautiful addition to a bedroom scheme, providing a safe place for storing essential and dainty items such as jewellery, make up and compact vanity items. Our select range consists most notably of luxury vanity dressing tables from Pavilion Chic. Crafted in beautifully toned hardwoods, these charming tables offer a captivating, designer look at a desirable price, ensuring a luxury dressing table for every bedroom. For a high-end modern finish, ALF Italia provide an innovative solution with their Italian dressing table, disguising a functional mirror and secret storage compartment beneath six layers of luscious silk lacquer.

For those with a passion for the classics, a clothes valet is an exquisite bedroom furnishing choice, providing both sophisticated storage and elegant decoration. Although traditionally used for suits, our clothes valet stands from Authentic Models, Jonathan Charles and Eichholtz are appropriate for storing an array of clothing and formalwear, including shoes and accessories. Vintage valet stands - or butler stands - were popularly used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and are a true nod to classic design. Our designer furniture brands provide a modern interpretation of clothes valets in oak woods, chrome metals and genuine leather for the proud homeowner with an adoration for antiquity, vintage and the classics.

Dressing Tables & Valets

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  1. Pavilion Chic

    Bamako Dressing Table in Weathered Wood

    Regular Price £882.00 Special Price £705.60
  2. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Table Monarch with Hinged Mirror

    Regular Price £2,308.00 Special Price £1,846.40
  3. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Table Georgian with Hidden Mirror

    Regular Price £2,548.00 Special Price £2,038.40
  4. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Chair Louis Xv

    From £1,059.00

  5. Eichholtz

    Dressboy Jaquet / Valet Stand - Mahogany Wood

    From £335.00

  6. Pavilion Chic

    Cleeves Light Oak Dressing Table

    Regular Price £390.00 Special Price £312.00
  7. Eichholtz

    The Diplomat Dressboy

    From £565.00

  8. Eichholtz

    Valet Stand Baker

    From £615.00

  9. Pavilion Chic

    Dressing Table Nordic in Oak

    From £328.00

  10. Pavilion Chic

    Dressing Table Nordic in Washed Oak

    Regular Price £410.00 Special Price £328.01
  11. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Stool Monarch

    From £719.00

  12. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Stool London

    From £1,341.00

  13. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Table Stool French Empire

    From £589.60

  14. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Table Chair Feather Inlay

    From £1,563.00

  15. Jonathan Charles

    Dressing Table Stool Art Deco

    From £849.00

  16. ALF Italia

    Dressing Table Heritage with Hidden Mirror

    Regular Price £1,724.00 Special Price £1,379.20

Items 1-36 of 39

per page
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