Versace by Rosenthal encompasses an inimitable and iconic style, brought to life through beautiful dinnerware, glassware and table accessories. Elegant and with quality at its heart, Rosenthal has an international reputation for finding the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, producing products that are both original and classic. Versace is recognised globally as the powerhouse of opulent luxe. Brought together, these two innovative brands have created a truly outstanding collection.

Versace take us on a journey of wonder with their designs; trekking through exotic jungles, visiting Baroque masterpieces, sketching out the wonders of nature and strolling through historical royal palaces. Their classic Medusa range depicts the brands' elaborate, decadent design, with the iconic Medusa head providing a sense of antiquity and classic design. The Medusa Gala range effectively portrays Versace's penchant for gilded decoration, with the delicate porcelain range providing examples of intricate, classic golden inlay. In contrast, the Medusa Blau collection pairs gold flourishes with a striking royal blue background to create a bright and bold collection, perfect for making a statement with imposing serveware.

The curling French and Italian floral patterns of the Grand Divertissement range make for pretty, feminine designs, fit for any dainty table and a fine example of expert craftsmanship. In another interesting contrast, the Meandre d'Or range provides a more simplistic, contemporary design, perfect for any white and chic interior with a more minimalistic outlook. Be inspired by nature with either the Le Jardin de Versace or Les Tresors de la Mer collections, with the Jardin collection providing a celebration of sun-filled summers with its decoration of intricate butterflies, succulent fruits and flourishing blooms and the Tresors collection providing an insight into the wonders of the ocean with its lustrous shell and coral design. Both of these collections are beautiful enough to be portrayed on the wall or as serveware for your interior.

Rosenthal create these luxurious dream worlds with the highest quality porcelain and crystal, resulting in masterfully hand crafted pieces that combine the historical and the modern, embracing timeless yet contemporary stylish designs.