Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves

Faux eucalyptus stems are a foliage staple when it comes to refreshing your home with greenery. Many natural varieties are evergreen, meaning that you can style artificial eucalyptus leaves in your arrangements and bouquets all year round. Our faux eucalyptus stems from Parlane and Pavilion Flowers have a realistic quality and are perfect for draping individually in vases. Alternatively, they can be used to bulk out and soften the colour of a faux arrangement. Native to Australia, natural eucalyptus is believed to have a number of health benefits when used in herbal remedies or as an oil and as such adds a calm and serene feel to an interior. Characterised by a spray of softly rounded leaves, our faux eucalyptus branches are life-like and come in authentic green and brown colours. If you have pets, we’d highly recommend using artificial eucalyptus leaves instead of natural ones in your home as the natural plant is poisonous to cats and dogs.


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  1. Parlane

    Eucalyptus Spray Brown

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  2. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Eucalyptus Green Height 100cm

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  3. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Eucalyptus Spray Height 102cm

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  4. Pavilion Flowers

    Eucalyptus Leaves Green Set of 3 H.60cm

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  5. Pavilion Flowers

    Eucalyptus Leaves Green H.92cm

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  6. Pavilion Flowers

    Eucalyptus Spray Green H.75cm

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13 Items

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