Luxury Picture Frames

Designer photo frames are one of the most versatile home accessories. Not only do your own photos make each one unique, but you can easily match the frame design to your interior style, changing the pictures as you like in line with your personal desires and seasonal trends. This collection compiles different photo frame styles and designs from our pool of luxury brands including Parlane, Jonathan Charles and SIA. Whatever you wish to display in a luxury picture frame – cherished family photos, a quirky collage of a memorable event, a small landscape print of a recent holiday or your baby photos in nostalgic black and white tones – our range of beautiful photo frame designs offer plenty of choice in a selection of finishes.

Adored for their use of pattern and animals, designer photo frames by Parlane are charming additions to side tables and office desks. They also make beautiful gifts for loved ones alongside a printed photo of a memorable event. To match a rustic or bohemian home, take a look at photo frames by SIA. Their modern and carved picture frame designs prove that less is more, blending seamlessly into contemporary homes with ease.  For the chic, modern home with stylish hints of monochrome, silver and gold, luxury picture frames by Eichholtz will certainly cater to your tastes. Match with monochrome or metallic finishes throughout your interior to add unique decoration to empty surfaces. Alternatively, if you are seeking frames to suit classic or antique-style interiors, we offer a selection of frames by luxury reproduction brand, Jonathan Charles. Their antique wood picture frames give a traditional likeness, perfectly complementing vintage and reproduction furniture.

Explore our selection of designer photo frames below to discover the perfect piece to add a unique touch and add interest to bookcases, sideboards, bedside tables and more.

Photo Frames

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  1. Jonathan Charles

    Picture Frame Painted Rub-through

    From £81.00

  2. Parlane

    Photo Frame Muskan Silver

    From £26.26

  3. Parlane

    Genova Photo Frame

    From £16.96

  4. Parlane

    Elephant Photo Frame

    From £29.95

  5. Parlane

    Rectangle Leaves Photo Frame

    From £27.50

  6. Parlane

    Photo Frame Joules

    From £24.95

  7. Parlane

    Elroy Photo Frame

    From £16.96

  8. Parlane

    Photo Frame Bunny Ears

    From £16.96

  9. SIA

    Photo Frame Golden Brown Height 24cm

    Regular Price £32.00 Special Price £16.00
  10. Parlane

    Photo Frame Fleur Wood

    From £24.88

  11. Eichholtz

    Photo Frame Bryce

    From £33.00

  12. Eichholtz

    Photo Frame Lantana Set of 6

    From £195.00

  13. Jonathan Charles

    Photo Frame Regency 4x6

    From £86.00

  14. Eichholtz

    Photo Frame Holden - Rose Gold Finish

    From £49.00

Items 1-36 of 42

per page
Set Descending Direction
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