Luxury Artificial Orchid Stems

Our artificial orchids are by far the most difficult to tell apart from the real thing; almost indistinguishable in terms of touch, proportions and colour. Each orchid stem is assembled by hand, with every petal dipped in a colour bath numerous times to achieve the most natural variation in colour. Shop over a hundred everlasting orchid stems from our handpicked selection - use the filters to find your perfect picks.

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  1. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Light Green Height 145cm

    Regular Price £49.96 Special Price £24.97
  2. SIA

    Orange & Brown Artificial Wild Cymbidium Orchid Height 94cm

    Regular Price £24.95 Special Price £12.48
  3. SIA

    Orchid Stem White Height 109cm

    Regular Price £25.00 Special Price £12.49
  4. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Dancing Orchid

    From £4.99

  5. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Princess

    From £25.00

  6. SIA

    Orchid Vanda

    From £7.50

  7. SIA

    Cymbidium Orchid

    From £10.62

  8. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Orange

    From £24.49

  9. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid - Light Yellow

    From £3.70

  10. Parlane

    Orchid Phalaenopsis Real Touch H.71cm

    From £13.96

13 Items

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