Lantern Ceiling Lights

Lantern style chandeliers and lantern ceiling lights are a great choice for hallways, landings and kitchens, offering a stylish and sophisticated illumination centrepiece that nods to traditional and vintage design. Shop nautical themes by Authentic Models, contemporary designs by Pavilion Chic and timeless centrepieces from Eichholtz. Our selection of lantern pendant lights provides beautiful translations of period and antique forms for the everyday household, as well as glass lantern pendant lights with sharper lines and geometric forms for the contemporary interior. Copper, chrome, black and gold toned finishes are effortlessly distinguishable throughout this stunning collection, depicting lantern ceiling lights in slender metal frames with clear glass windows, or in the form of an authentic hurricane ceiling light or nautical spotlight.

Eichholtz lantern pendant lights sit at the forefront of this collection, offering some of our favourite modern lantern lighting centrepieces through a variety of forms certain to get your visitors talking. Lantern ceiling lights are highly regarded as the perfect hanging hall light, and for good reason. Often a relatively vacant room of the home, the lantern ceiling pendant can add life to an entrance hall, their impactful detail and statement designs creating a breath-taking first impression that resonates throughout all interiors of the home.


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  1. Eichholtz

    Lantern Chandelier Ferguson in Nickel

    Regular Price £2,695.00 Special Price £1,617.00
  2. Eichholtz

    Lantern Capitol Hill

    From £1,415.00

  3. Eichholtz

    Pendant Light Yacht King in Brass

    Regular Price £985.00 Special Price £492.50
  4. Eichholtz

    Lantern Arcadia

    From £987.00

  5. Pavilion Chic

    Bar Pendant Light Selen Glass Frame

    Regular Price £429.00 Special Price £343.20
  6. Eichholtz

    Lantern Residential - Nickel

    From £1,125.00

  7. Eichholtz

    Lantern Yorkshire

    From £985.00

  8. Eichholtz

    Lantern Hagerty

    Regular Price £1,645.00 Special Price £987.00
  9. Heathfield & Co

    Derwent Rectangle Antique Brass Ceiling Pendant

    From £644.40

  10. Heathfield & Co

    Derwent Cube Antique Brass Ceiling Pendant

    From £587.70

  11. Eichholtz

    Lantern Tiziano

    From £1,625.00

  12. Eichholtz

    Lantern Matrix

    From £1,335.00

  13. Eichholtz

    Chandelier Carducci

    From £2,065.00

  14. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Dion in Tinted Black Glass

    Regular Price £133.00 Special Price £106.39
  15. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Echo Industrial

    From £128.81

  16. Pavilion Chic

    Pendant Light Paeon Glass Frame

    Regular Price £177.00 Special Price £141.60
  17. Pavilion Chic

    Jade Pendant Light in Geometric Glass

    Regular Price £163.00 Special Price £130.39
  18. Pavilion Chic

    Jess Pendant Light

    Regular Price £161.00 Special Price £128.81
  19. Eichholtz

    Lantern Residential - Antique Brass

    From £1,125.00

  20. Eichholtz

    Lamp La Marina

    From £565.00

  21. Eichholtz

    Lamp Sea Explorer

    From £785.00

  22. Eichholtz

    Lantern Luna

    From £1,245.00

Items 1-36 of 79

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