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Luxury Home accessories and Designer Home Inspiration

Each selected for their beautiful design and appeal, our range of designer home decor provides an array of stunning ways to decorate your interior with a unique finishing touch. Tableware to impress, faux florals to admire and home accessories to embellish, explore our vast array of home décor from more than 20 designer brands including Parlane, LSA International and Libra. For all your home decoration requirements, we also provide paint and wallpaper from one of the UK’s most popular brands, Farrow & Ball, from tester pots to Estate Eggshell. View the full Farrow & Ball range in-store at our Ashchurch and Broadway showrooms where you will also find many of our designer home decor accessories amongst various styles of home settings catered to all interior styles and tastes.


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  1. Authentic Models

    Captain's Walking Stick

  2. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Flamingo & Pineapple Tropical

    From £28.01

  3. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Mobile

    From £78.50

  4. Authentic Models

    Telescope Walking Stick

  5. Le Jacquard Francais

    Darjeeling Enduite Coated Tablecloth

    Regular Price £85.56 Special Price £59.89
  6. Le Jacquard Francais

    Deauville Placemat 54 X 44 White

    Regular Price £13.08 Special Price £9.16
  7. Le Jacquard Francais

    Azulejos Range

    From £8.23

  8. Le Jacquard Francais

    Graphic Range

    From £4.79

  9. Le Jacquard Francais

    Provence Range

    From £8.23

  10. Le Jacquard Francais

    Provence Coated Tablecloths

    From £59.89

  11. Le Jacquard Francais

    Siena Range

    From £8.23

  12. Le Jacquard Francais

    Tivoli Range

    From £9.16

  13. Le Jacquard Francais

    Venezia Range

    From £8.23

  14. Le Jacquard Francais

    Origami Multico Placemat 48 X 36cm

    Regular Price £8.64 Special Price £6.05
  15. Le Jacquard Francais

    Pivoine Napkins

    From £4.20

  16. Le Jacquard Francais

    Bamako Napkins

    From £7.39

  17. Le Jacquard Francais

    Pure Couleur Napkins

    From £3.88

  18. Le Jacquard Francais

    Pivoine Coated Placemat 48 X 36cm Smoke

    Regular Price £11.38 Special Price £7.97
  19. Le Jacquard Francais

    A La Francaise Range

    From £8.23

  20. Le Jacquard Francais

    Palais Persan Range

    From £7.91

  21. Le Jacquard Francais

    Cristal Crystal Tea Towel White 60 X 80cm

    Regular Price £16.60 Special Price £11.62
  22. Le Jacquard Francais

    Luxe Art Deco Placemats

    From £9.16

  23. Le Jacquard Francais

    Tanger Placemat 54 X 38 Bougainvillea

    Regular Price £11.76 Special Price £8.23
  24. Le Jacquard Francais

    Fleurs De Kyoto Range

    From £7.56

  25. TA Studio

    Lazy Susan Tambura

    From £238.00

  26. TA Studio

    Lazy Susan Sabon

    From £238.00

  27. TA Studio

    Lazy Susan Adley

    From £313.66

  28. TA Studio

    Lazy Susan Edwin

  29. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Sobral Hand Embroidered

    From £33.60

  30. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Peacock

    Regular Price £62.00 Special Price £49.61
  31. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Papua Bird

    Regular Price £87.00 Special Price £69.60
  32. Pavilion Chic

    Large Cushion Leopard & Florals

    Regular Price £62.00 Special Price £49.61
  33. Pavilion Chic

    Large Cushion Safari

    From £69.60

  34. Pavilion Chic

    Large Cushion Cancun

    Regular Price £87.00 Special Price £69.60
  35. Pavilion Chic

    Large Cushion Aztec with Fringe

    Regular Price £90.00 Special Price £72.00

Items 1-36 of 3185

per page
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