Luxury Home Accessories

Selected for their beautiful design and appeal, our range of designer home decor provides an array of stunning ways to decorate your interior with a unique finishing touch. Tableware to impress, high-quality faux florals to admire and luxury home accessories to embellish, explore our vast array of contemporary home accessories and decor from more than 20 designer brands including ParlaneLSA and Libra. No matter the style, each of our designer home decor pieces is designed to complement interiors of any kind, working seamlessly alongside your furniture to bring an interior to life. From chic modern mirrors and sumptuous soft furnishings to original vintage models by Authentic Models and lifelike artificial flowers, our designer home decor is elegant, quirky and contemporary, ensuring decorative accessories to infuse your home with your individual style.

For all your home decorating requirements, we also offer the full palette of paints and beautiful wallpapers from one of the UK’s most popular brands, Farrow & Ball, from sample tester pots to humble Estate Eggshell to the luscious Full Gloss. You can view the full Farrow & Ball range both online and in-store at our Tewkesbury showroom where you will also discover many of our designer home decor accessories amongst various home settings. Catered to all interior styles and tastes, our luxury home accessories span a range of desirable price points from high-end luxe contemporary pieces to affordable modern home decor, inspiring home decor ideas for living room, bedroom, dining room or any interior of the home seeking a stylish designer finishing touch.

Home Accessories

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  1. Authentic Models

    Replica 1745 Vaugondy Globe

    Regular Price £12.50 Special Price £10.00
  2. SIA

    Feather Spray White Height 86cm

    Regular Price £14.26 Special Price £7.13
  3. Authentic Models

    Compass Small in Bronze

    Regular Price £17.00 Special Price £13.61
  4. SIA

    Brown Artificial Mossed Pine Bark Width 46cm

    Regular Price £16.87 Special Price £8.44
  5. SIA

    Rose Bailey in Water Red Height 12cm

    Regular Price £8.50 Special Price £4.25
  6. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Duck Sketch

    Regular Price £19.00 Special Price £15.19
  7. SIA

    Draught Excluder Fox Length 72cm

    Regular Price £40.00 Special Price £20.00
  8. Authentic Models

    Palette for Pens

    Regular Price £22.00 Special Price £17.60
  9. Pavilion Chic

    Cushion Mouse Sketch

    Regular Price £19.00 Special Price £15.19
  10. Pavilion Chic

    Cath Cat Doorstop

    Regular Price £25.00 Special Price £20.00
  11. Pavilion Chic

    Barnie Bear Doorstop

    Regular Price £25.00 Special Price £20.00
  12. SIA

    Eucalyptus Stem Brown Height 84cm

    Regular Price £11.26 Special Price £5.63
  13. Pavilion Chic

    Duck Feather Pillow Set of 2 Monarchy

    Regular Price £50.00 Special Price £40.00
  14. Pavilion Chic

    Pillow Goose Feather Monarchy

    Regular Price £63.00 Special Price £50.40
  15. Pavilion Chic

    Dominic Dinosaur Doorstop

    Regular Price £25.00 Special Price £20.00
  16. SIA

    Phaleanopsis Orchid Pink H79cm

    Regular Price £83.75 Special Price £41.88

Items 1-36 of 2272

per page
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