Tetrad Buying Guide

Synonymous with classic British style, Tetrad sofas, armchairs and footstools bring together quality craftsmanship and upholstery excellence.

This bespoke sofa brand is widely regarded as one the finest in the UK for their Harris Tweed and leather upholstery. But Tetrad also offer a range of bolder, more contemporary sofas and chairs in their FF collection, upholstered in vibrant velvets and soft linens.

Find out more about the collections below in our simple Tetrad Buying Guide, as well as how to look after your furniture, FAQs and everything you need to know before you buy – from fillings and finishes to suspension and scatter cushions. Shop Tetrad online here or visit us in-store at our Tewkesbury showroom.



The Tetrad FF collection is the brand’s most contemporary range to date. It takes classic design features – buttoned backs, turned feet and arched arms – and translates these into up-to-date designs for the contemporary home. The collection is tied together by pleasingly named sofa models with a double F in the name – including Truffle, Duffel and Zaffer!

The collection spans corner sofas, 2 and 3 seater sofas, generous armchairs and footstools, all upholstered in a super soft cotton, linen, velvet or patterned print of your choice. Click here to shop the FF collection.

Harris Tweed

As its name suggests, this collection sees classic sofas and chairs upholstered in genuine Harris Tweeds and hand-dyed leather hides. Known for its traditional check pattern and enduring appeal, Harris Tweed has a rare character. This famous wool-based cloth is handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It’s iconic beauty and quality is unmatched.

Detailed with scroll arms, chesterfield style button backs and castors, sofas and chairs in Tetrad’s Harris Tweed collection are heirlooms to be enjoyed for years to come. Models include: Bowmore, Braemar and Dalmore. Click here to shop the Harris Tweed collection.


Heritage resides somewhere between two of Tetrad’s other collections: FF and Harris Tweed. It captures the classic feel of the Harris Tweed sofa models, while offering the contemporary upholstery appeal of FF.

Available for upholstery in your choice of plain or patterned fabrics, leathers and velvets, the Heritage collection is Tetrad’s most versatile range. It brings together British craftsmanship, comfort and stylish design through a selection of sofas and elegant wingback chairs. Models include: Constable, Matisse, Gatsby, Elgar, Eastwood, Chatsworth and Windermere. Click here to shop the Heritage collection.



The coil sprung seat is a traditional sofa suspension method. It involves the use of cone-shaped springs placed vertically across the base. This creates a supportive sit whilst retaining that luxurious sinking-in feeling. Featured on models such as the Norton Sofa, Nairn Chair and Taransay Sofa.


This suspension method is often used for mattresses, but it is ideal for sofas and chairs too. Each spring is encased in an individual fabric pocket, ensuring that weight is distributed evenly. This means that whether you are sat at the centre of the sofa or at the seat edge, the level of comfort will always remain the same. Featured on models such as the Arran Sofa, Ellington Chair and Calvay Chair.


Providing one of the firmest levels of comfort, these are flat, S-shaped, zig-zag springs. They are placed in a continuous pattern along the seat, back or arms to provide rigid structure and support. Featured on models such as the Duffel Sofa, Glencoe Sofa and Quaffer Chair.


Webbing involves elasticated straps being placed in a woven, criss-cross pattern along the sofa back, arms or base. This provides springy, resilient support. It is often used for slimmer sofa and chair designs that don’t have enough space for springs. Featured on models such as the Mackenzie Chair, Bradley Chair and Cabriole Chair.


Some Tetrad models – such as the Constable, Lowry and Battersea – have feather-filled comfort wrap seat cushions. These consist of a foam core wrapped in a duvet of soft feather. They are designed for comfort and firmness, holding their shape over time.

As standard, Tetrad scatter cushions are filled with feather. Unless stated as included, scatter cushions will always be chargeable extras – refer to the description of your desired sofa or chair model for more information. Alternatively, get in touch with our Tetrad specialists here.

All Tetrad scatter cushions are luxuriously filled with feather. Unless stated as included, scatters will always be chargeable extras. For more information, please contact our Tetrad specialists on 01386 711512 or email: sales@pavilionbroadway.co.uk



If you are familiar with Tetrad, it’s likely that you will have come across this trio before. When constructing the frames of your sofa or chair, the Tetrad craftspeople take care to glue, screw and dowel every individual join to ensure that the frame is extremely strong and built to last. This means that – unlike other brands – Tetrad sofas do not require a central support leg.


In-keeping with their style, the terminology Tetrad use to define their sofa sizes is unique to the brand. As a rule, follow this guide: Grand - 4 seater, Midi – 3 seater, Petit – 2 seater, Snuggler/Cuddler – 1.5 Seater. However, we recommend always measuring the size of your space to check that the sofa fits your room and requirements prior to purchase.


Different upholstery fabrics have different prices. This is indicated by the fabric range and is usually a number or a letter. As a rule, the higher the letter/number, the more expensive the upholstery fabric will be. E.g. A range B fabric will cost more than a range A fabric, a range 2 fabric will cost more than a range 1 fabric, and so on.

Each Tetrad sofa collection comes with its very own swatch book of fabrics to choose from. The best way to see these and get a feel for the fabric you are choosing is to visit us in-store.


Hand-antiquing is a process in which a leather hide is specially treated to create an aged appearance. It is dyed with one colour over another to create a pigmented, highlighted look. Once it has been upholstered onto a sofa or chair frame, the top coat of the leather is removed by hand, creating a distressed appearance that only looks better with time and use. It instils furniture with a characterful antique-look, reminiscent of a family heirloom.

For more information, please visit our Ashchurch showroom where you can view our display Tetrad models. Alternatively, contact our sales team on 01386 711512 or email: sales@pavilionbroadway.co.uk