Duresta Care Guide

How to Look After Your Duresta Sofa: Fabric


Quickly absorb spills using white kitchen roll or white bleach-free dry cloth. Do not rub, soak or allow the stain to dry and set. Use distilled water only to treat coffee, spirit and wine spills. Before using any cleaning product, always test it on a hidden part of the fabric to ensure that it doesn’t cause further damage.


Vacuum your furniture occasionally using a soft brush attachment. If you have feather seat interiors, use a soft brush instead as using a vacuum may cause the feathers to dislodge and pull through the fabric.

Pilling or Bobbling

Bobbling – where small tufts of fibre appear on the top surface of the fabric – can happen naturally over time as your furniture is used. Easily remove them with a de-pilling device.

How to Look After Your Duresta Sofa: Leather

Wrinkles & Scratches

Duresta aniline leather hides are entirely natural and so wrinkles, scratches, interesting textures and varied colours are to be expected over time. These characteristics are part of the appeal of leather and are to be celebrated as part of its natural beauty.


Regularly dust with a soft, dry cloth. Gently buff light scratches and scuffs with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Make sure to rub very gently to avoid premature colour changes in the leather.


Using the edge of a paper towel, carefully soak up any excess liquid. Then dab gently with a fresh towel. Take care to avoid spreading or soaking in the remaining liquid. Never use saddle soap, solvents, polish, oils, waxes, abrasive cleaners, general stain removers or any silicone or ammonia-based products.

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