Duresta Buying Guide

Boasting more than 8 decades of sofa manufacturing experience and upholstery expertise, Duresta represent the very best in British seating design. Each sofa is made entirely at the hand of highly skilled artisans at their production house in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, a town celebrated as the UK’s British Centre of Excellence for Upholstery.

Take a quick look at our Duresta Buying Guide below to advise you on seat fillings, fabrics, finishing touches and more. Alternatively, click here to browse our full Duresta range or visit our delightful team at our Tewkesbury showroom, home to a vast selection of sofa, armchair and footstool display models and over 200 Duresta Clearance pieces.

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide

Cushion Fillings Explained

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide Cushion Filling Fibre


Lightweight synthetic fibre creates a plump and plush appearance that offers deep, soft and luxurious comfort. Duresta choose to use Quallofil Supreme fibre in their cushions, specially blended for its bounce-back properties and additional resistance to flattening over time. Non-allergenic, fibre cushions are a popular choice but must be plumped regularly to keep their plush appearance.

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide Cushion Filling Feather


Duck or goose feather is a completely natural filling that provides a luxurious ‘sinking in’ feeling, each Duresta feather cushion filled by hand. Initially quite rigid in appearance, feather cushions will become softer with use, daily plumping ensuring that they maintain their beautiful shape and comfort.

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide Cushion Filling Duraluxe


A Duresta exclusive, the Duraluxe cushion blends natural duck feather with strands of foam, replicating the comfort of a fibre or feather cushion but without the need for regular maintenance. A Duraluxe cushion has additional durability, although a regular shake and turn will help to retain shape and definition.

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide Cushion Filling Supawrap


Pairing the softness of fibre with the support of foam, a Supawrap cushion is quite literally wrapped for supreme comfort. Encased in Quallofil fibre, a high-density foam core lies at the heart of this cushion, offering a firm yet comfortable feel. Like fibre, a Supawrap interior is non-allergenic and, better yet, requires very little attention to retain its plump appearance.

Duresta Sofa Buying Guide Cushion Filling Memoryluxe


The Memoryluxe cushion features a sumptuous memory foam core, encased in a layer of Duraluxe, providing the appearance of feather, but with much more durability and its memory foam core providing a resilient interior that bounces back after use. Another Duresta exclusive, this cushion requires very little maintenance, just a regular shake and turn to help it retain its shape.

Please note: Each Duresta model specifies a standard filling for seat, back and scatter cushions. If you wish to alter standard fillings, this may incur a surcharge. See the product description of your selected model for details. Unless specified as included as standard, additional scatter cushions are always chargeable extras. For more information, please contact us.


Legs are only removable on selected Duresta models. As a general rule of thumb, if the leg is rounded, it will unscrew and can be removed to ease transportation. If a leg is straight, it is likely part of the sofa frame and so cannot be removed.


If your selected model comes with castors as standard, castorless is almost always an option.


    The following finishes are available:


    The following finishes are available:


    The following metal finishes are available:


    The following finishes are available (domus only):


    The following finishes are available (domus only):

Please note: charges for standard changes to wood, metal and stud finishes may incur a surcharge. Speak to one of our Duresta sales team for more information. Contact them here.


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A note on height

Please note: samples are only a representation of the colours chosen and stock may vary slightly from sample in colour and texture. Duresta leather hides are entirely natural and so wrinkles, scratches, interesting textures and varied colours are to be expected and celebrated, revealing the true beauty and character of this natural material. For further information or questions, talk to one of our Duresta specialists on 01386 711512 or email us

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