3 Seater Sofas

On their own, luxury 3 seater sofas are the ideal size for living rooms wishing to style an individual sofa look. More often, large designer sofas are paired alongside a smaller sofa to create a stylish 2 and 3 seater sofa set or additionally an armchair for a matching 3 piece suite. However you style your seating, we are pleased to offer a wide range of luxury 3 seater sofas from some of our customer’s favourite brands including Duresta, Theodore Alexander and Jonathan Charles. From contemporary forms in on-trend grey upholstery to more traditional and classic designs in linens and velvets, discover a sofa to suit your living room style from our online selection below.

No matter the size of your living room, the sofa is likely to sit at the heart of it. Whether it’s a lazy day in front of the TV, somewhere to snuggle up for a short nap on a Sunday afternoon or your evening spot to relax and peruse your favourite interiors blog – your sofa is a well frequented and much-loved location of the home. So why compromise on comfort or design? Our luxury 3 seater sofas blend fine craftsmanship with sumptuous comfort using some of the best materials and hardwearing upholstery fabrics on the market.

For further sofa inspiration, take a look at our made to order models. This collection of some of the UK’s best-loved designer British sofa brands – Collins and Hayes, Parker Knoll, Tetrad and Duresta – offers luxury 3 seater sofas in multiple designs, catered to your personal preference of upholstery fabric, finishing touches and cushion fillings. Going bespoke is the perfect way to create the furniture piece of your interior visions, each large designer sofa handcrafted in Britain using the finest practises and highest quality materials to ensure the very best finish possible. Be it for your own living room or an interior design project, visit us in-store or contact our friendly team for more information.

3 Seater Sofas

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  1. Duresta

    Greenwich Large Sofa in Traccia Herringbone Sea Mist

    Regular Price £2,425.00 Special Price £1,697.50
  2. Duresta

    Clearance Manchester Grand Sofa in Guadiana

    Regular Price £4,082.00 Special Price £1,632.80
  3. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Gabrielle Large in Scholar Black

    Regular Price £4,594.00 Special Price £1,837.60
  4. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Kemp Large in Kalahari

    Regular Price £3,220.00 Special Price £1,288.00
  5. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Waldorf 2.5 Seater in Veneto Stripe Silver

    Regular Price £3,827.00 Special Price £1,530.80
  6. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Mondrian in Waterfield

    Regular Price £5,422.00 Special Price £2,711.00
  7. Duresta

    Clearance Puma Grand Sofa in Koraku Graphite

    Regular Price £4,151.00 Special Price £2,075.51
  8. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa 3 Seater Waldorf in Mulsanne Stripe Mink

    Regular Price £3,914.00 Special Price £1,957.00
  9. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa 2.5 Seater Waldorf in Lorenzo Stripe Celadon

    Regular Price £3,772.00 Special Price £1,886.00
  10. Duresta

    Clearance Hoxton Large Sofa in Saiko Driftwood

    Regular Price £3,850.00 Special Price £1,925.00
  11. Duresta

    Clearance Waldorf 3 Seater Sofa in Bruxelles Stripe Limestone

    Regular Price £3,732.00 Special Price £1,866.00
  12. Duresta

    Clearance Amelia Grand Sofa in Grosvenor Damask Grape

    Regular Price £5,065.00 Special Price £2,532.50
  13. Duresta

    Frasier 3 Seater Sofa Hepburn Nero

    Regular Price £3,336.66 Special Price £2,502.49
  14. Tetrad

    Castlebay Collection Made to Order

    From £562.24

  15. Eichholtz

    Sofa Cesare

    From £2,725.00

  16. Eichholtz

    Sofa Canyon

    From £2,725.00

  17. Eichholtz

    Chaise Lounge Sofa Cesare

    From £2,645.00

  18. Eichholtz

    Sofa Montado

    From £1,905.00

  19. Eichholtz

    Sofa Raffles

    From £2,645.00

  20. Eichholtz

    Sofa Polaris

    From £2,645.00

  21. Carlton Furniture

    Granby Collection in Harris Tweed

    From £858.40

  22. Carlton Furniture

    Chester Club Collection in Harris Tweed

    From £1,198.40

  23. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Malaysian

    From £5,005.00

  24. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Empire in Antique Mahogany

    From £4,211.00

  25. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Empire in Limed Tulip Wood

    From £4,211.00

  26. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Empire in Painted Grey Weathered

    From £4,211.00

  27. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Empire in Painted Country Sage

    From £4,211.00

  28. Jonathan Charles

    Large Sofa Empire in Silver Leaf

    From £4,211.00

Items 1-36 of 119

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