Theodore Alexander

When the right pieces come together, a story unfolds within your home! Explore this story within the Theodore Alexander collection at Pavilion Broadway. We hand pick only the finest reproduction furniture designers, such as Theodore Alexander, to create the perfect interior displays and room settings within our client's homes. Their pieces are available in a range of woods including Mahogany, Burl Walnut and Oak. Shaped by English Heritage, Theodore Alexander handcrafts furniture and accessories for your home with uncompromising quality.

They believe in using the most interesting materials for both function and beauty. This allows their craftspeople to create products that will not only be for forever but also give distinction to favourite spaces within ones home. The Theodore Alexander brand boasts an exceptional eye for design and detail, which makes the sheer quality of their individually produced, custom-made products the signature of their reputation.

Pavilion Broadway trust Theodore Alexander to produce pieces for our clients which are unmatched in terms of quality, hand crafted to perfection, distinct and unique, with an essential classic style which makes their designs so sought after and cherished. A primary focus for the brand is the inspiration behind their pieces - the history and legacy upon which their designs are drawn upon. Every piece has a story that is just waiting to be shared.

Theodore Alexander have covered many eras in their furniture designs - from pre 18th Century Renaissance, where the surviving original examples tend to be from aristocratic households with rich carving (example pictured) and classical motifs, to post 19th Century Art Deco which drew on concepts of speed and angular aesthetics of post war industrial progress. It also adopted the use of modern materials such as stainless steel in combination with luxurious materials. A piece from the Art Deco range is pictured on the right, the Mahogany Oval Turtle Planter. These have been carefully replicated by Theodore Alexander to keep the designs and ideas alive, however only with the finest quality input and materials, making them suitable for standing the test of time, unlike lots of original pieces, which is why they are so rare today. Pieces that have been replicated within the collection - both for their style and charm - originate from England, France, Italy, America and Asia. This makes their collection very diverse and means that there is truly something for every interior specification.

Theodore Alexander's own innovative designs have also proved very popular - combining the quality of the construction methods with time-intensive detailing down to the hinges, locks and counter parts. Using elements of classical furniture to create relevant forms and functions for today's lifestyles. The original product designs in their current collection are fashion forward and on trend for today's discerning design aficionados.