2 Seater Sofas

Small designer sofas are ideal for homes with smaller living rooms, providing substantial seating without encroaching on too much precious space. Although that isn’t to say that more compact sofas are limited to smaller homes! You might wish to pair a 2 seater luxury sofa alongside a matching 3 seater to maximise seating or create a stylish division in larger living spaces. Alternatively, you might incorporate a 2 seater fabric sofa into a bedroom or conservatory scheme as a spacious occasional seating alternative. However you use them, small designer sofas come in a variety of styles and colours at Pavilion Broadway, ensuring you’ll find the perfect 2 seater to complete your interior or an existing luxury sofa set. Explore our selection online including modern 2 seater sofas from Duresta and more classic concepts from the likes of Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture.

Depending on the size of your living room, how many people make up your household and your desired interior look, you might be looking for 1 or 2 sofas to incorporate into your space. Many of our 2 seater luxury sofas are in stock or available to order in multiple or matching designs so that you can create a beautiful suite. Even if you find a one-off Duresta Clearance piece you particularly like, most models are still available made to order so you can construct a sofa set in matching or complementary fabrics. Explore our full range of bespoke small designer sofas here from Tetrad, Duresta, Parker Knoll and Collins and Hayes, giving you the opportunity to bring your interior vision to life in a variety of finishes and upholstery fabrics.

Undeniably, sofas sit at the centre of a living room. Be it a space to get together for family board games night, a place to snuggle up under soft blankets for a movie marathon or simply somewhere to sit with a herbal tea and read the newspaper, sofas are one of the most frequently used furniture pieces of the home. That’s why we offer small designer sofas from some of the world and UK’s most reputable luxury brands. Both style and comfort sit at the forefront of each sofa design, many of which are handmade with unrivalled craftsmanship and time-honoured techniques perfected over decades of careful practice. We provide 2 seater luxury sofas in all designs, from classic velvets and leathers to modern and contemporary grey fabrics. Browse the luxury sofa selection below or visit us in Tewkesbury to explore a range of small designer sofas and suites in-store.

2 Seater Sofas

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  1. Duresta

    Hollister 2 Seater Sofa Hepburn Truffle

    Regular Price £3,244.26 Special Price £2,433.19
  2. Duresta

    Greenwich Small Sofa in Traccia Herringbone Linen

    Regular Price £2,246.00 Special Price £1,572.20
  3. Duresta

    Finsbury Medium Sofa in Bergman Sunrise

    Regular Price £3,001.00 Special Price £1,500.50
  4. Duresta

    Clearance Southsea Minor Small in Damask

    Regular Price £2,772.00 Special Price £1,108.80
  5. Duresta

    Sofa Alex Small in Lindale Petal

    Regular Price £2,870.00 Special Price £1,148.00
  6. Pavilion Chic

    Islington Bistro Table with Concrete Top

    Regular Price £500.00 Special Price £400.00
  7. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa New Elgar Medium in Riverrun Stripe Iron

    Regular Price £4,179.00 Special Price £1,671.60
  8. Carlton Furniture

    Granby Collection in Harris Tweed

    From £858.40

  9. Carlton Furniture

    Chester Club Collection in Harris Tweed

    From £1,198.40

  10. Carlton Furniture

    Sofa Chester Club 2s in Harris Tweed

    Regular Price £2,248.00 Special Price £1,798.40
  11. Carlton Furniture

    Sofa Maximus in Brown Leather

    From £1,258.39

  12. Pavilion Chic

    Round Dining Table Plaza with Marble Top

    Regular Price £750.00 Special Price £600.00
  13. Duresta

    Frasier Loveseat Audrey Nero

    Regular Price £2,146.13 Special Price £1,609.60
  14. Carlton Furniture

    Harlequin Patchwork 2 Seater Sofa

    Regular Price £1,748.00 Special Price £1,398.41
  15. Duresta

    Coco Collection Made to Order

    From £1,464.76

  16. Duresta

    Gabrielle Collection Made to Order

    From £962.26

  17. Duresta

    Southsea Collection Made to Order

    From £545.24

  18. Tetrad

    Braemar Collection Made to Order

    From £411.00

  19. Tetrad

    Dalmore Collection Made to Order

    From £696.76

  20. Tetrad

    Bowmore Collection Made to Order

    From £629.26

  21. Duresta

    Brooklyn Sofa Collection Made to Order

    From £711.00

  22. Duresta

    Hermitage Collection Made to Order

    From £1,619.26

  23. Duresta

    Amelia Collection Made to Order

    From £975.00

  24. Pavilion Chic

    Sofa Memphis in Vintage Brown Leather

    Regular Price £1,400.00 Special Price £1,120.00
  25. Eichholtz

    Sofa Messina

    From £1,905.00

  26. Pavilion Chic

    Orbit Dining Table

    From £151.20

  27. Parker Knoll

    Devonshire Collection Made to Order

    From £831.76

  28. Duresta

    Greenwich Sofa Collection Made to Order

    From £400.50

Items 1-36 of 128

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