Nesting Coffee Tables

Modern nesting coffee tables pair the functionality of additional living room surface space with stylish and innovative designs. A set of two, three, four or more, nesting coffee tables bring another dimension to your living room, creating a sense of elevation and interest across multiple surfaces of different sizes or styles. Eichholtz offers a selection of glass nesting coffee tables matched with brass, gold and stainless steel framework that make a welcome addition and focal point of the luxe, modern living room interior. While some simply cluster together, others nest at different heights, resting ever so slightly one beneath the other to draw the attention of guests and individuals. Round nesting coffee tables give a softer and simpler look while more irregular shapes and unusual materials such as petrified wood and marble become a notable highlight of your living room interior design. Styled together or apart, modern nesting coffee tables can be adjusted and arranged at your convenience, these highly versatile tables easily manoeuvrable around your interior should you require extra surface space for mugs, glasses or trays. Explore a variety of designs from the likes of Jonathan Charles and Theodore Alexander to create a luxe and high-end look in your living room without compromising on practicality.

Nesting Coffee Tables

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  1. Richmond

    Smith Nesting Coffee Tables in Brass

    Regular Price £2,266.00 Special Price £1,812.79
  2. Richmond

    Bloomingville Nesting Coffee Tables

    Regular Price £1,051.00 Special Price £840.79
  3. Jonathan Charles

    Coffee Table Contemporary Set of 2

    From £1,639.66

  4. Pavilion Chic

    Bisley Nesting Coffee Table

    Regular Price £308.00 Special Price £246.41
  5. Richmond

    Lexington Nesting Coffee Table

    Regular Price £1,162.50 Special Price £930.00
  6. Richmond

    Smith Nesting Coffee Tables in Black

    Regular Price £2,223.00 Special Price £1,778.40
  7. Pavilion Chic

    Adair Nesting Coffee Table Set

    Regular Price £308.00 Special Price £246.41
  8. Pavilion Chic

    Tenerife Nesting Coffee Tables Set of 3

    Regular Price £308.00 Special Price £246.41
  9. Pavilion Chic

    Abbey Nesting Coffee Table in Walnut

    Regular Price £410.00 Special Price £328.01
  10. Pavilion Chic

    Abbey Nesting Coffee Table in Black

    Regular Price £410.00 Special Price £328.01
  11. Jonathan Charles

    Transitional Nesting Coffee Tables

    From £3,423.00

  12. Eichholtz

    Prudential Nesting Coffee Table Faux Marble

    From £1,755.00

  13. Eichholtz

    Tortona Nesting Coffee Table

    From £2,615.00

  14. Eichholtz

    Sax Nesting Coffee Table

    From £3,085.00

  15. Eichholtz

    Piemonte Nesting Coffee Table

    From £2,065.00

  16. Eichholtz

    Coffee Table Padova

    From £2,425.00

  17. Jonathan Charles

    Nesting Coffee Table Wrought Iron

    From £2,963.00

  18. Jonathan Charles

    Coffee Table Trio Architectural

    From £835.00

  19. Eichholtz

    Coffee Table De Soto Set of 3

    From £3,655.00

35 Items

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