Designer Home Office Tables & Desks from Authentic Models & Eichholtz

Offering designer desks, decorative columns and captivating board game tables, our home office tables are specially selected to create a spectacular study that’ll you enjoy working in. Designer brands including Liang and Eimil, Authentic Models, Jonathan Charles Furniture and Eichholtz are featured throughout this home office table collection, encompassing a range of interior trends so that you can choose the perfect furnishing pieces to complete your interior vision.


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  1. TA Studio

    Desk Cosmopolitan

    From £1,903.00

  2. TA Studio

    Desk Fitzgerald

    From £1,663.00

  3. TA Studio

    Desk Siddel

    From £2,135.00

  4. Authentic Models

    Navigators Desk

    From £1,335.00

  5. Carlton Furniture

    Hornet Desk

    Regular Price £1,373.00 Special Price £1,098.41
  6. Carlton Furniture

    Aviator Wing Desk

    From £1,198.39

  7. Carlton Furniture

    Aviator Chest Desk

    Regular Price £1,998.00 Special Price £1,598.40
  8. Eichholtz

    Eichholtz Column Salvatore in Black

    From £495.00

  9. Eichholtz

    Desk Highland

    From £2,115.00

  10. Authentic Models

    Game Table

    From £865.00

  11. ALF Italia

    Novecento 2 Drawer Desk

    Regular Price £1,226.00 Special Price £980.81

Items 1-36 of 134

per page
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