Luxury Living Room Tables

There are three furniture essentials for a living room: seating, storage and surfaces. Our designer living room table collection aims to inspire and cater to just one of these essences of a living room, offering consoles, coffee tables and side tables that serve to enhance an interior scheme. Exploring a wealth of designs, this luxury living room table collection contains stunning pieces from designer brands including Authentic ModelsRV Astley, Eichholtz and more, providing contemporary and modern tables to complement your living room furniture. At the heart of the living room sits the coffee table and our collection provides a range of unusual and beautiful designs to create an impact at the focal point of your interior, often with matching nests of tables, console tables, occasionals and side tables for living room to create a fluid interior scheme. Browse our array of designer living room tables below, offering a range of price points from luxury to affordable.


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  1. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Casseopia - Mangrove & Nickel

    From £1,780.00

  2. TA Studio

    Console Table Laszlo - Mangrove & Overcast

    From £2,127.00

  3. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Casseopia - Rowan & Brass

    From £1,780.00

  4. TA Studio

    Console Table Milan - Mangrove & Nickel

    From £2,116.00

  5. TA Studio

    Console Table Laszlo - Rowan & Tempest

    From £2,127.00

  6. TA Studio

    Console Table Milan - Rowan & Brass

    From £2,116.00

  7. TA Studio

    Tray Console Table Crazy X

    From £1,333.00

  8. TA Studio

    Square Side Table Crazy X

    From £661.00

  9. TA Studio

    Tray Coffee Table Crazy X

    From £1,556.00

  10. TA Studio

    Round Side Table Aria

    From £661.00

  11. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Crazy X

    From £1,467.00

  12. TA Studio

    Supper Table Bishop

    From £616.00

  13. TA Studio

    Tray Table Crazy X

    From £750.00

  14. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Metro

    From £1,333.00

  15. TA Studio

    Side Table Riley

    From £885.00

  16. TA Studio

    Side Table Zara

    From £1,333.00

  17. TA Studio

    Side Table Zacharie

    From £1,064.00

  18. TA Studio

    Side Table Vincent

    From £1,109.00

  19. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Zacharie

    From £1,333.00

  20. TA Studio

    Coffee Table Vincent

    From £1,333.00

  21. TA Studio

    Console Table Zacharie

    From £1,333.00

22 Items

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