Square Wall Mirrors

For interiors designed with a sense of balance in mind, a large square wall mirror is the perfect accessory. Whether it’s for placement above the fireplace, the dining room sideboard or a hallway console, square wall mirrors provide a smart and sophisticated look. The proportions are beautifully balanced and draw the eye, making a focal point of otherwise empty interior walls. Our square mirror collection consists of a range of striking designs from some of our favourite brands. Eichholtz provides a selection of handsomely made mirrors in both simplistic and decorative designs. Choose a simple square mirror to blend seamlessly into any style of room or choose impactful coloured glass mirrors as an alternative to canvas and framed artwork. For a look of utmost luxury, seek out pieces from Jonathan Charles. Offering styles for modern and traditional interiors alike, these square wall mirrors are framed in highly polished finishes such as marble, brass and walnut to match a variety of timeless schemes. Alternatively, if you want the look of a designer mirror at an affordable price, head to Pavilion Chic. This is our desirably priced collection and offers a selection of small and large square wall mirrors to add space, light and style to your home.

Square Mirrors
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