Farrow and Ball Rangwali No.296

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Estate Emulsion for Interior Walls

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Modern Emulsion for Interior Walls

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Estate Eggshell for Interior Wood & Metal

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Farrow and Ball’s most adventurous pink to date, Rangwali No. 296 takes its name from the Holi festival of colours in India, where bright shades of coloured powder are thrown enthusiastically amongst the crowds. A small touch of black pigment is added to ensure that this shade maintains absorbing depth and exotic flavour. Use with red and warm tones undercoat.

As craftsmen in paint and paper, Farrow and Ball have been hand-blending paint pigments and fashioning wallpaper with traditional methods in Dorset for over 70 years. Their passion for creating rich colour palettes from only the finest and most eco-friendly ingredients has perfected their age-old paint making technique, developing over 130 coloured Estate Emulsions, Eggshells, Glosses and more that are renowned for their unique depth and vibrant hues. Each of their paints are highly responsive to all variations of light, creating a range of timeless and captivating colours to suit interiors and exteriors both old and new.

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