Farrow and Ball Undercoats for Exterior Wood

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Red & Warm Tones

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Farrow and Ball Undercoat for Exterior Wood

Farrow and Ball Undercoats - Farrow & Ball Undercoats & Primers have been specially formulated using the same finest ingredients and rich pigments as their topcoats. For long lasting results and to achieve a perfect, even finish, make sure you use the appropriate Primer & Undercoat.

Undercoat for Exterior Wood - This primer and undercoat is designed for use under Exterior Eggshell on exterior wooden surfaces. It provides a protective, flexible and breathable foundation for exterior bare or previously painted wood. Offers excellent adhesion and promotes a long-lasting finish.

Colours - The Undercoat for Exterior Wood is available in White & Light Tones, Mid Tones, Red & Warm Tones and Dark Tones options, and is designed to match the chosen top coat colour.

Use the White & Light Tones Undercoat for - All White, Ammonite, Babouche, Blackened, Borrowed Light, Cabbage White, Calamine, Calluna, Citron, Clunch, Cornforth White, Dayroom Yellow, Dimity, Dimpse, Great White, Green Ground, James White, Matchstick, Middleton Pink, Nancy's Blushes, New White, Off White, Pale Powder, Pavilion Blue, Pink Ground, Pointing, Print Room Yellow, Ringwold Ground, Setting Plaster, Shaded White, Skimming Stone, Skylight, Slipper Satin, Straw, Strong White, Sudbury Yellow, Tallow, Tunsgate Green, Wevet, White Tie, Wimborne White, Yellow Ground & Yellowcake.

Use the Mid Tones Undercoat for - Archive, Arsenic, Ball Green, Blue Gray, Bone, Brassica, Buff, Cat's Paw, Chapell Green, Cinder Rose, Cooking Apple Green, Cord, Cream, Dix Blue, Dorset Cream, Dove Tale, Elephant's Breath, Farrow's Cream, Fawn, French Gray, Gervase Yellow, Hardwick White, Hay, Hound Lemon, House White, Joa's White, Lamp Room Gray, Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime White, London Stone, Mizzle, Old White, Oxford Stone, Pale Hound, Parma Gray, Pavilion Gray, Purbeck Stone, Savage Ground, Smoked Trout, St Giles Blue, Stone White, Stony Ground, String & Vert De Terre.

Use the Red & Warm Tones Undercoat for - Blazer, Book Room Red, Brinjal, Charlotte's Locks, Dead Salmon, Dutch Pink, Eating Room Red, Incarnadine, Picture Gallery Red, Radicchio, Rectory Red, Red Earth, Sand & Terre D'Egypte.

Use the Dark Tones Undercoat for - Black Blue, Blue Ground, Calke Green, Card Room Green, Carriage Green, Castle Gray, Charleston Gray, Chinese Blue, Churlish Green, Cook's Blue, Down Pipe, Drawing Room Blue, Folly Green, Green Blue, Green Smoke, Hague Blue, Lichen, London Clay, Lulworth Blue, Mahogany, Manor House Gray, Mole's Breath, Mouse's Back, Off Black, Olive, Oval Room Blue, Pelt, Pigeon, Pitch Black, Pitch Blue, Plummett, Railings, Saxon Green, Stiffkey Blue, Stone Blue, Studio Green, Tanners Brown & Teresa's Green.

Eco-Friendly - All Farrow & Ball Primers & Undercoats are eco friendly with low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and are water based giving them a low odour and quick drying time which benefits both you and the environment.

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