Luxury Artificial Flowers

Explore luxury artificial flowers from Parlane and Pavilion Flowers to add a floral flourish to your interior. Our spectacular range of decorative flowers are selected for their high-quality, lifelike appearance and beauty, spanning single stems – including roses, tulips, hydrangeas and peonies – trailing and hanging plants, large and small flower arrangements and a realistic range of potted plants. We also offer a wide variety of artificial potted orchids in tall and small sizes to suit your space. Our white potted orchids are some our best-selling luxury artificial flower arrangements, adored by homeowners and interior designers alike for their imposing presence and resemblance to the real thing. Whether it’s luxury faux flowers for an eternal wedding bouquet, a selection of individual stems for a fuss-free hanging basket or succulent faux greenery to add a botanical feel to a room, discover long-lasting, lifelike quality in our collection of artificial flowers online.

Artificial flowers are changing the way that we dress our interiors. While real arrangements are attractive, their beauty is short-lived. One of the huge advantages of artificial plants is that they require very little maintenance. Better still, they can be used year after year, becoming staple pieces of home decor. To use our luxury artificial flowers to full effect, we’d suggest interchanging stems in line with the seasons. Not only will this heighten their realistic presence, but the colours and styles can be swapped in and out of arrangements as you please to match your interior aesthetic and keep your florals looking fresh. Select from our beautiful collection of vases to house your faux flowers and bring arrangements to life with the simple addition of water – just make sure to check that the stems are waterproof first!

From a simple vase of faux flowers on your living room coffee table to a pair of imposing arrangements to create symmetry in a space – we love the way that our luxury artificial flowers can transform a room. So much so that we have established our very own brand: Pavilion Flowers. Carefully selected by our in-house floral experts for quality, colour and style, this collection brings together more than twenty beautiful varieties, offering some of the best artificial flowers on the market. For even more to choose from, look to luxury artificial flowers by Parlane. This brand is well-known across the UK for their charming Cotswold style and captivating designs. The same can be said for their selection of beautiful silk flowers, offering delicate single stems, realistic fruit branches and faux greenery to bring a fresh and inviting appeal to your home. See our full selection of luxury faux flowers below or visit us in-store to shop and select your own stems to create a bespoke arrangement.


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  1. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch White/pink H.71cm

    Regular Price £19.96 Special Price £15.96
  2. Parlane

    Onion Grass Bundle Height 60cm

    Regular Price £4.96 Special Price £3.96
  3. Parlane

    Button Leaf Bush Green

    Regular Price £9.95 Special Price £7.96
  4. Parlane

    Rosehip Stem Dark Green Height 47cm

    Regular Price £8.95 Special Price £7.16
  5. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch White H.71cm

    Regular Price £19.96 Special Price £15.96
  6. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch Fuchsia H.71cm

    Regular Price £19.96 Special Price £15.96
  7. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Light Green Height 145cm

    Regular Price £49.96 Special Price £24.97
  8. Parlane

    Box Wood Potted Green Height 18cm

    Regular Price £14.95 Special Price £11.96
  9. Parlane

    Fern Spray Height 81cm

    Regular Price £14.50 Special Price £11.60
  10. Parlane

    Rosehip Stem Light Green Height 47cm

    Regular Price £8.95 Special Price £7.16
  11. Parlane

    Ivy Leaf Spray Height 86cm

    Regular Price £13.25 Special Price £10.60
  12. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Stem Orange Height 173cm

    Regular Price £49.00 Special Price £24.50
  13. Parlane

    Parlane Vine Hanging Green H.140cm

    Regular Price £13.00 Special Price £10.40
  14. Parlane

    Artificial Dahlia Stem White/peach 76cm

    Regular Price £19.50 Special Price £15.60
  15. Parlane

    Branch Olive Height 66cm

    Regular Price £19.96 Special Price £15.96
  16. Parlane

    Cypress Potted Green Height 18cm

    Regular Price £13.50 Special Price £10.80
  17. Parlane

    Fritillaria Stem Lilac Height 40cm

    Regular Price £4.96 Special Price £3.96
  18. Pavilion Flowers

    Echinops Spray Dusky Blue H.68cm

    Regular Price £13.00 Special Price £9.49

Items 1-36 of 527

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