Luxury Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers add the perfect finishing flourish to your interior and our collection certainly rival the genuine article. Ranging from single stems to bouquets, arrangements in still water to bespoke flower displays, our faux floral collection features a diverse array of flower types and we are confident that you will find an arrangement for you. We have a huge selection of single stems with over 100 varieties to choose from including all the traditional garden-favourites; hydrangea, roses, peonies and many more, whilst our selection of potted orchids are the perfect fit for more contemporary interiors. If you would like a bespoke flower arrangement created - either for your home, a friend or planning a wedding - please get in touch with our floral designer, Jane, at our dedicated artifical flower showroom located in Broadway who will be delighted to create a special arrangement just for you.

We love the way faux flowers can transform a room so much, we have established our own brand, Pavilion Flowers. This collection features a hand-picked array of faux florals, chosen for their quality and authenticity - and will be sure to fool even the most greenfingered of your friends! With new clever touches such as waterproof stems and a variety of floral scents, we know you will find the perfect arrangement within our collections. Artificial flowers are changing the way we dress our interiors; whilst real arrangements are gorgeous, their beauty is short-lived. Artificial flowers require very little maintenance, look just as beautiful as the real thing and can be brought to life with scents specifically designed for use with artificial flowers and simply the addition of water to glass vases.


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  1. Parlane

    Onion Grass Bundle Height 60cm

    Regular Price £2.95 Special Price £2.51
  2. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch White/pink H.71cm

    Regular Price £16.96 Special Price £14.41
  3. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch H.71cm

    From £14.41

  4. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch White H.71cm

    Regular Price £16.96 Special Price £14.41
  5. Parlane

    Rosehip Stem Dark Green Height 47cm

    Regular Price £8.95 Special Price £7.61
  6. Parlane

    Branch Olive Height 66cm

    Regular Price £14.50 Special Price £12.32
  7. Parlane

    Rose Stem Lora Real Touch Fuchsia H.71cm

    Regular Price £16.96 Special Price £14.41
  8. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Light Green Height 145cm

    Regular Price £49.96 Special Price £24.97
  9. Parlane

    Rosehip Stem Light Green Height 47cm

    Regular Price £8.95 Special Price £7.61
  10. Parlane

    Fern Spray Height 81cm

    Regular Price £14.50 Special Price £12.32
  11. Parlane

    Eucalyptus Spray Green Height 38.5cm

    Regular Price £7.50 Special Price £6.37
  12. Parlane

    Eucalyptus Spray Brown

    Regular Price £7.96 Special Price £6.76
  13. Parlane

    Ivy Leaf Spray Height 86cm

    Regular Price £11.95 Special Price £10.16
  14. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Rose Yellow Height 38cm

    Regular Price £5.50 Special Price £4.67
  15. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Lambs Ear Spray Height 71cm

    Regular Price £5.99 Special Price £5.09
  16. Pavilion Flowers

    Artificial Eucalyptus Green Height 100cm

    Regular Price £13.70 Special Price £11.64
  17. Parlane

    Bullrush Height 66cm

    Regular Price £1.96 Special Price £1.67
  18. SIA

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Stem Orange Height 173cm

    Regular Price £49.00 Special Price £24.50
  19. Parlane

    Artificial Dahlia Stem 76cm

    From £14.41

  20. Parlane

    Artificial Dahlia Stem White/peach 76cm

    Regular Price £16.96 Special Price £14.41

Items 1-36 of 486

per page
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