Designer Vases & Pitchers

Be it for occasional use to display a beautiful bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers or a decorative vase to add style to your interior scheme, we offer luxury designer vases to suit a variety of uses and homes. All of our luxury vases have been selected for their quality and beautiful designs. Our Pavilion Chic vases come in a range of muted and contemporary colourways that will add interest and chic design to windowsills, fireplaces and coffee tables. Stoneware and ceramic vases are a charming addition to farmhouse or cottage interiors. We particularly love Parlane pitchers. These blend effortlessly into country kitchen spaces using terracotta, crackle effect ceramics and glossy textures for a natural feel. They also make a great display for single artificial flower stems. Other luxury vases from the likes of Eichholtz are sophisticated stand-alone ornaments, adding luxe, minimalistic decoration to home office desks, open shelving and console tables.

Whatever you are looking for in a vase, we’re certain you’ll find something that fits your requirements in our collection of luxury flower vases and luxury glass vases. From metal vases made from aluminium, brass and nickel to rustic designs in porcelain, terracotta and granite, our luxury designer vases offer something to add style to empty areas of your home in need of decoration or a little greenery.

Vases & Pitchers

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  1. Parlane

    Vase Tapered Glass Clear

    From £12.95

  2. Parlane

    Vase Heart Glass Clear

    From £15.50

  3. Pavilion Chic

    Jug White Distressed Medan

    Regular Price £29.00 Special Price £23.21
  4. LSA International

    Inza Mineral Clear Vase

    Regular Price £100.00 Special Price £75.00
  5. Parlane

    Clarissa Vase

    From £29.95

  6. SIA

    Vase Grow Cream Height 22.5cm Diameter 15.5cm

    Regular Price £26.00 Special Price £13.00
  7. SIA

    Wire Vase 'osaka' Height 22cm

    Regular Price £21.25 Special Price £10.62
  8. LSA International

    Malo Clear Glass Vase

    Regular Price £21.12 Special Price £15.84
  9. SIA

    Pale Oyster Vase 'claudine' Height 21cm

    Regular Price £16.70 Special Price £8.35
  10. Parlane

    Vase Flared Clear Glass

    From £12.95

  11. Pavilion Chic

    Large Vase Rostov

    Regular Price £173.00 Special Price £138.41
  12. SIA

    Vase 'dress' White Height 20.5cm

    Regular Price £38.16 Special Price £19.08
  13. Parlane

    Sunrise Vase

    From £22.50

  14. Parlane

    Glass Vase

    From £9.50

  15. Parlane

    Gold Stockholm Round Vase

    From £99.50

  16. Pavilion Chic

    Burma Large Lustre Green Bud Vase

    Regular Price £15.00 Special Price £12.00
  17. Pavilion Chic

    Pomelo Bud Vase

    Regular Price £11.00 Special Price £8.81
  18. LSA International

    Bud Large Glass Vase

    Regular Price £30.00 Special Price £22.50
  19. Parlane

    Vase/planter Iris Ceramic Grey/white

    From £14.95

  20. LSA International

    Stone Small Pebble Vase

    Regular Price £28.00 Special Price £21.00
  21. SIA

    Clear Vase 'alba' Height 35cm Depth 20cm

    Regular Price £49.96 Special Price £24.97
  22. Parlane

    Green Lime Vase

    From £25.00

Items 1-36 of 341

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