Farrow and Ball Templeton Pink No.303

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A historic-feeling pink, this shade was developed for the dining room at Templeton House to offset the magnificent Wedgwood plaques made to commemorate the former owner, although it suits a contemporary setting just as well. A more intense version of Setting Plaster or Pink Ground, it creates a warm, welcoming space, particularly in low light where this shade becomes surprisingly deep.

  • A warm, welcoming pink
  • Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones
  • Complementary white: Stirabout
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Farrow and Ball have been hand-blending paint pigments using traditional methods in Dorset for over 70 years. Their passion for creating rich colour palettes from only the finest and most eco-friendly ingredients has perfected their age-old paint making technique, developing over 130 coloured Estate Emulsions, Eggshells, Glosses and more. Farrow and Ball paints are water-based and highly responsive to variations of light. Their selection of timeless and captivating colours suit interiors and exteriors both old and new.



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