Christmas Themes

Discover inspiration for this year's Christmas decorations with our Christmas themes. This year's edits include: Winter Wonderland, with a magical white and silver theme, Pretty Pastels, Warm Cinnamon and the traditional red and gold tones of Sweet Traditions. Our Christmas decorating themes are the perfect place to start, especially if you're uncertain on how to decorate your home this year. These curated edits have been hand-picked by our designers to reflect this year's most popular decorating styles. Explore the themes below and discover tree decorations, festive flowers, Christmas ornaments and beautiful accessories to decorate your home in style this Christmas.

Christmas Decorating Themes

Our themes are categorised by a colour scheme or style and given a unique name. For the fresh appeal of white and silver tones, head to Winter Wonderland. Warm Cinnamon speaks for itself, inciting the senses and creating a cosy, comfortable atmosphere in your home. For a light colour scheme to suit a contemporary living space, look to Pretty Pastels. Or go for a more traditional colour scheme of red and golds with Sweet Traditions.

Christmas Room Themes

Within each of our themes, discover a range of ideas to decorate your home this Christmas – from home accessories to Christmas decorations. Whether you’re a 1st of December designer, an eager post-Halloween decorator or a leave-it-to-the-last-minute individual, it’s entirely up to you when you’d like to start decorating for Christmas. But it’s never too early to begin planning your Christmas decor, starting with a stylish Christmas tree theme.

Christmas Theme Ideas

Explore this year's Christmas decorating themes below. Whether it's ideas for a Christmas colour scheme, inspiration for an extravagant festive theme or you are simply seeking to update your Christmas decorations, our edits offer colour schemes and style for every home.

Christmas Themes

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  1. SIA

    Rose Bailey in Water Red Height 12cm

    Regular Price £8.50 Special Price £4.25
  2. SIA

    Candle Holder Wonder Silver Height 45cm

    Regular Price £90.00 Special Price £45.00
  3. SIA

    Red Artificial Norwar Maple Stem Height 94cm

    Regular Price £11.26 Special Price £5.63
  4. SIA

    Clear Vase 'alba' Height 35cm Depth 20cm

    Regular Price £49.96 Special Price £24.97
  5. SIA

    Brown Faux Fur Cushion Cover 70 X 70 Cm

    Regular Price £58.62 Special Price £29.32
  6. SIA

    Cushion Cover Sissi Brown 50x50cm

    Regular Price £47.50 Special Price £23.75
  7. SIA

    Candle Holder Wonder Silver Height 35cm

    Regular Price £70.00 Special Price £35.00
  8. SIA

    Christmas Tree Decoration Leo & Squirrel - B

    Regular Price £7.75 Special Price £3.88
  9. SIA

    Hurricane Vase 'alba' Clear Height 25cm

    Regular Price £25.50 Special Price £12.76
  10. SIA

    Clear Soliflor Vase 'cut' Height 40cm

    Regular Price £43.99 Special Price £22.00
  11. SIA

    Clear Vase 'cut' Height 18cm

    Regular Price £34.97 Special Price £17.48
  12. SIA

    White Vase 'cut' Height 18cm

    Regular Price £34.97 Special Price £17.48

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