Pavilion Art

Gorgeously stylish limited edition artwork & framed prints from a specially hand-picked selection of professional & contemporary UK-based & European artists. Featuring a range of media types & unique styles, Pavilion Art boasts simply beautiful & characteristic prints, often depicting woodland animals & livestock in intricate detail & vivid colour.


More about our artists:


Aaminah Snowdon – Working exclusively with acrylics on watercolour, Aaminah’s self-taught unique style is matched with her love of farm animals & British wildlife. Each with their very own fun & witty title, our framed prints of Aaminah’s artwork illuminate the intricacy of her use of lively colours & spontaneous brushstrokes.


Catherine Stephenson - A professional watercolourist renowned for her fresh & vivid floral art, Catherine's paintings add life & vibrancy to any empty wall of the home. Full of charming character, Catherine often uses raised silver leaf bead to embellish her majestic artwork, adding highlights & extra emphasis to particular stylish detail or shapes. 


Debbie Boon – An interior hit in both traditional & contemporary settings, Debbie Boon creates gorgeous animal & wildlife artwork using heavy bodied acrylics, layering a multitude of colours to create vibrancy & depth. With emphasis on the expression of light & movement, Debbie’s work is highly sought after & features in Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel on the walls of Michael Caine’s signature restaurant.


Harriet Salt – Working exclusively in oils, Harriet has a profound interest in recording both light & movement in her artwork. Having trained in Florence under Charles Cecil, Harriet has developed a unique & refined style inspired by creative techniques passed down from the old masters, producing a range of delicate & minimalistic prints.  


Jenni Murphy – Based in Norwich, Jenni's works ooze a bright dreamlike quality with their bold colours & distinctive designs. With a degree in Illustration, Jenni works full-time from her very own studio, layering acrylics on under-painted panels to intensify the colours of her harmonious brushstrokes. 


Jennifer Brereton – With work displayed at L’Agriculture Paris, New Zealand’s Field Days & a number of other signature art exhibitions worldwide, Jennifer specialises in crafting a range of limited edition art pieces using paint, pencil, crayon & charcoal. Specially trained in fine art, Jennifer’s work is inspired by her farming childhood, capturing the character of livestock & picturesque countryside on paper.


Joe Ramm – The illustrative style of Joe Ramm has been highly acclaimed at a number of exhibitions including the London-based National Theatre & Medici Galleries. Originally trading at Covent Garden, Joe now works as a freelance illustrator in the seaside town of Brighton, painting a selection of artwork featuring unique shapes in her very own whimsical style. 


Lisa Jayne Holmes – Lisa pairs her passion for natural wildlife with her love of painting. Oozing texture & energy, her style uses delicately spontaneous brushstrokes & vivid complementary colours to bring her artwork to life. Lisa chooses to primarily work in watercolour, allowing her designs to sparkle at the forefront of white blank space.  


Liz Chaderton - Liz's starting point for each of her watercolours is something that engages her imagination: the whiskers of a rabbit, the arch of a cows nose or the bend of a pigs ear. From here, Liz adds colour and pattern with less focus on the minor details, believing that less is more. Largely self-taught, Liz paints from her home in Berkshire, finding wildlife inspiration from hedgerows to fields to plants growing on the allotment.  


Matthew Haresnape - A specialist in illustration, Matthew creates bold & characterful prints using distinctive colours on neutral backgrounds. Brought up in the beautiful villages of North Wales, Matthew decided to pursue his passion for art in 2016 following obtaining his illustration degree in 2011. 


Mi Desmedt – Featuring a range of exclusive etchings, Belgian artist Mi Desmedt is a highly accomplished engraver & etcher inspired by the glorious & majestic countryside, particularly in the South of France where she now resides. With renowned work in art collections across the globe, Mi's work aims to capture the ever-changing nature of the landscapes around her in her very own unique etching method & style.


Nicky Litchfield – Renowned for her delightfully charming hare & wildlife artwork, Nicky works readily with pastels & vivid oils, creating characterful animal pieces in her very own unique style with bold backgrounds that truly accentuate her use of fine brushstrokes & gorgeous colour.


Nicola Hart – Inspired by her love of North Norfolk, Nicola has a passion for painting local wildlife, continually striving to represent woodland nature & animals in vivid & exciting ways. Collaging differing colours of paint & texture, her artwork oozes countryside charm with its fine brushstrokes & blended detail.  


Sam Toft – Fashioning beautifully charming & eccentric characters, Sam creates her artwork with a range of mixed media including coloured inks, oil pastels & the European style of sgraffito. Our selection of Sam’s framed & limited edition prints convey her unique style in a variety of ways, depicting sand, sea, animals & streets, each with their own printed title.


Sarah Pye – Sporting a contemporary impressionist style, Sarah's work centres around heavy bodied acrylics painted with a pallet knife, adding bold personality to her artHer observations of nature & wildlife inspire her, working freely & intuitively with very little drawing as guidance, bringing each & every animal to life with their very own character.