Duresta Sofas & Armchairs

Renowned for ‘Pure English Luxury’, Duresta have been handcrafting beautiful sofas, armchairs and footstools in the heart of Long Eaton since 1938. Their upholstery expertise is recognised worldwide, their sofas epitomising the very best in great British craftsmanship, celebrating 80 years of artisan furniture-making heritage, time-honoured skill and bespoke furnishing artistry. Duresta sofas are considered to be the embodiment of classic English style, each piece finished with a unique and individual touch using fabrics, trimmings and the finest quality fillings sourced from across the globe.

Suitable for many an interior, Duresta sofas flourish on classic British design, using traditional shapes and style as a canvas on which to build their collections, but also strive to provide innovative, contemporary classics for the modern home. Pavilion Broadway are a proud Duresta stockist and offer over 45 made-to-order Duresta sofa collections, available with your choice of bespoke upholstery and finishes – perfect for those seeking a particular style to match an interior setting. We also house the UK's largest Duresta Clearance Sale, over 200 ex-display Duresta sofas, armchairs and footstools with up to 50% off. Whichever model you decide upon, choosing a Duresta sofa is a guarantee of 3 things: lasting quality, beautiful design and the very best of British upholstery and craftsmanship.

Some of our best selling luxury sofa models include the Duresta Waldorf, Trafalgar, Hornblower and the Ruskin, as well as the Coco, Lansdowne, Haywood, Belvedere and Sasha, many of which are available to view on display at our Duresta showroom in Ashchurch. We also stock a wide range of corner sofas including Duresta's newest addition, the Greenwich corner sofa. Pay us a visit to view our full range of sofas and fabrics with our expert sales team on hand to help you.

Duresta Sofas & Armchairs

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  1. Duresta

    Romanov Chair Viceroy Mink

    Regular Price £2,560.00 Special Price £1,280.00
  2. Duresta

    Romanov Chair Sendle Stripe Verdis Gris

    Regular Price £2,560.00 Special Price £1,280.00
  3. Duresta

    Clearance Gallery Compact Bench in Casino Platinum

    Regular Price £1,502.00 Special Price £751.01
  4. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Hermitage Grand Studded in Les Alpes

    Regular Price £4,717.00 Special Price £1,886.80
  5. Duresta

    Clearance Hermitage Grand Sofa Split in Koraku Ivory

    Regular Price £5,338.00 Special Price £2,669.00
  6. Duresta

    Clearance Chair Gabrielle in Black Scholar

    Regular Price £2,276.00 Special Price £1,138.00
  7. Duresta

    Clearance Hermitage Reading Chair in Mist

    Regular Price £2,425.00 Special Price £970.00
  8. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Kubla Khan in Verona Slate

    Regular Price £1,559.00 Special Price £623.60
  9. Duresta

    Clearance Chair Gabrielle in Scholar Black

    Regular Price £2,276.00 Special Price £910.40
  10. Duresta

    Clearance Antibes Grand Sofa in Corsa Cadet Blue

    Regular Price £3,996.00 Special Price £1,998.00
  11. Duresta

    Romanov Chair Medici Stripe Argent

    Regular Price £2,560.00 Special Price £1,280.00
  12. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Gabrielle Large in Scholar Black

    Regular Price £4,594.00 Special Price £1,837.60
  13. Duresta

    Clearance Sofa Mondrian in Waterfield

    Regular Price £5,422.00 Special Price £2,711.00
  14. Duresta

    Clearance Hermitage Swivel Reading Chair in Kaiyo Ivory

    Regular Price £2,509.00 Special Price £1,254.50
  15. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Colonial in Aquila Pearl

    Regular Price £1,657.00 Special Price £662.80
  16. Duresta

    Clearance Reading Chair Monaco in Casino Platinum

    Regular Price £2,693.00 Special Price £1,077.20
  17. Duresta

    Clearance Diplomat Chair in Dolce Arctic

    Regular Price £1,780.00 Special Price £890.00
  18. Duresta

    Blanchard Collection Made to Order

    From £2,628.00

  19. Duresta

    Colonial Collection Made to Order

    From £1,456.50

  20. Duresta

    Coco Collection Made to Order

    From £1,421.26

  21. Duresta

    Gabrielle Collection Made to Order

    From £933.76

  22. Duresta

    Antibes Collection Made to Order

    From £2,239.50

  23. Duresta

    Hermitage Collection Made to Order

    From £1,571.24

  24. Duresta

    Mondrian Gallery Bench Made to Order

    From £785.26

24 Items

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