It's easy to get caught up in designing the interior of your home and overlook your exterior space. With July around the corner, now's the perfect time to get your garden in tip-top shape, ready for summer parties and social evenings under the stars. When it comes to outdoor styling, there are plenty of creative options to choose from. One of them is outdoor garden rooms. Read on to learn more on how to create a garden room in your outdoor space or head straight over to our website to shop in-stock outdoor furniture that you could be enjoying in your garden in as little as 2 weeks.

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Featured: Portofino 4 Seater Rattan Sofa Set with Coffee Table by Bramblecrest

Outdoor Garden Rooms

What is a garden room?

Garden rooms are a creative way of dividing your outdoor space. The idea is to create the impression of a room (or rooms) as you would find inside your home. Outdoor rooms are not rooms as you know them however. Think less 4 walls and bricks and mortar and more creating zones in your outdoor space. You might use fences, low hedges, patios or planters to zone your space to create the illusion and cosiness of a room.

Why create garden rooms?

If you have a large garden, creating outdoor rooms helps to define your space. For instance, you may have a certain area for alfresco dining with friends and another used as a tranquil solo reading nook. Or a zone that acts as a fun play area for the kids and another that's chiefly for storage of bikes, lawn mower and other essentials.

Outdoor rooms aren't just for those with large gardens however. You can create garden rooms in a small outdoor space too. Plus, it can actually make for a more multi-functional space that you'll use more often. This is because you've catered it to your purposes, making it a more usable space that you'll be eager to get out in - be that for summer BBQs or a sunny corner for home working.

How to Create Garden Rooms: 6 Simple Steps

Want to create your own outdoor garden room? Find out how with our 6 simple steps below or head over to our website to shop in-stock outdoor furniture and decor.

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Featured: Lamego 4 Seater Rope Garden Dining Set from Pavilion Chic

1. Choose an Area for Your Garden Room

Look for Zones Naturally Forming in Your Garden

First things first - decide on where you garden room (or rooms) are going to be. Keep things simple by looking for areas of your garden that are starting to take shape already, defined by features such as patios, flower beds or structures. Sheds, brick walls and fences are great for zoning a garden, already creating natural segments or divisions of space for you to build upon.

Tip: Use paint to define an outdoor garden room

Paint is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to zone your garden. You can paint an existing wall, fence, decking, patio or planters in a colour to set the mood of your outdoor space, defining one zone from the next. Maybe a garden living room in a vibrant paint shade like India Yellow by Farrow & Ball? Or an outdoor dining room in a more traditional Strong White for a classic English garden look?

2. Make Zoning Easy with Corner Furniture Sets

Create an outdoor garden room in an instant

Modular and corner furniture sets create an instant impression of a room in your garden thanks to their boxy nature. A fire pit set makes for a tempting outdoor dining room which can be enjoyed long into summer evenings.

Tip: For a smaller garden, choose a rising table

Sets with rising tables are great for smaller gardens as they are more versatile, offering the best of both alfresco living and dining. Switch seamlessly between outdoor living room and dining room with the simple rising mechanism.

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3. Think about Flooring

Define a Garden Room from the Ground Up

The rooms inside your home aren't just 4 walls and furniture. The floor defines a room too, especially in open plan spaces where a kitchen integrates into a dining room or social area. You can achieve the same effect with your outdoor garden room by thinking about the ground beneath.

Tip: Style in a garden rug for an instant update

Sections of patio, stone, grass and decking are perfect for defining different floor spaces of your garden to create rooms. As a less permanent (and more affordable) option, why not place an outdoor rug in your space instead?

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Featured: Alicante Rattan 5 Seater Sofa Set by Pavilion Chic

4. Use dividers to help zone your outdoor garden room

Create a Homely Feel like a real room

One of the obvious ways to create a clear definition of space in your garden room is to use dividers. Fences or garden trellis make perfect dividers and are ideal if you want to create a private space out of view of the neighbours or a cosy and serene space to relax that's not overlooked. However garden dividers needn't be as tall or boxy as this.

Tip: Use planters to segment your space

A more subtle and often more cost-effective way of creating rooms in your garden is to use outdoor planters creatively. Low and tall planters, shrubbery and simple raised flower beds can all be used to create a definition of space without your garden feeling overly segmented or uniform.

5. Create Shade & Shelter

Design a space that's usable from day through til night

Whether it's a rustic lean-to, a stylish parasol or a gazebo, create shade in your garden room to ensure that it's usable all hours of the day. Thanks to their tall nature, shade-boosting garden additions like these bring height to your outdoor garden room, creating a clear definition of the space.

Tip: Choose a cantilever parasol for a more versatile space

With parasols, there are 2 core styles: standard or cantilever. Ultimately, both styles serve the same purpose but they offer 2 very different looks. A standard parasol is great for use with a table with an umbrella hole - making it great for an outdoor dining room. However, a leaning cantilever parasol creates a more casual look as the pole is to one side of your space rather than central. This means that a table or pair of lounge chairs can be placed directly beneath it making for a more spacious and versatile outdoor room.

6. Don't Forget to Accessorise

Dress your garden room as you would your interior

Just as your living room would look bare without your personal touches, a garden room isn't complete until you've accessorised it with decor in your signature style. Add outdoor scatter cushions, water-resistant throw blankets as well as outdoor clocks and mirrors. Complete your garden room with beautiful styling to create a homely finish.

Tip: Tie decor in with styles inside your home

Bring the outdoors in? More like bring the indoors out! Your garden room should be an extension of your home. So treat it like one by choosing accessories that tie in with the themes and colours of your interior decor. Create a seamless transition from home to garden.

How to Create Garden Rooms: 6 Tips & Tricks

Zoning your exterior space into outdoor garden rooms is one of the most versatile ways to create a multi-functional space for everyone to enjoy. You can cosy up in a concealed reading nook, create a space for the kids to play and enjoy summer cocktails with friends, all without feeling like you are in each other's pockets. Feeling inspired to create your own outdoor room in your garden? Then take a look at our outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories over on our website to get started.

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