Authentic Models Marconi Spotlight II

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Authentic Models Marconi Spotlight II
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Authentic Models Marconi Spotlight II

Height Width Depth
165 88 88
65 34.6 34.6



The Marconi Spotlight II has adjustable louvers that allow light to be regulated and focused. Intricate cog and wheel gear mechanics adjust the height of the lamp and allow the lamp head to move up and down. The lamp housing is made of aluminium with brass hardware and parts, and the tripod is made from nickel plated, machine steel and brass. The design of the Marconi Spotlight II ensures it is a true masterpiece; capable of adjusting to the exact needs of the customer, whilst still being so beautifully made. It would look wonderful as a piece of decor in a sophisticated living room.

Specialised Function

Dating back to the 1930s, and likely used on a French battleship, this Authentic Models Marconi Spotlight II had a highly specialised function. It can be used both as a ship bound lighthouse and a device for transmitting detailed messages. It would have sat next to the wheel house on the bridge of a boat.

By moving the slatted louvers the ship's signalman could send short and longer spaced beams of light in Morse Code that could be read by trained soldiers in the distance. This way, they could send messages to each other. International maritime communication used Morse Code as the standard code until 1999. Created in the 1840s, Morse combined long and short pulses to convey a message. The elements making up the code were formed by sounds, marks and light pulses of varying length. A ship in distress would send an S.O.S in Morse to other ships requesting aid.

Historical Lighting

Authentic Models have produced a selection of wonderfully varied lighting, and their designs are inspired by a plethora of historical lighting from around the world. These lights are nostalgic replicas of lights from other times and places; from the hanging lamps that were suspended from the rafters of a dockside depository in Singapore, to spotlights that lit the seas from the bridge of a tramp steamer on course to Venice. Their lights are romantic, appealing and highly functional. 


Additional Information

Product Code: SL048
Brand: Authentic Models
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Silver
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