Introducing Caracole, a high-style furniture brand of exceptional design. Caracole furniture is inspired and sophisticated, offering an edited range of distinctive styles to set the stage for elegant modern living. Each piece is a breath of fresh air, elevating interiors with timeless fashion and modern details. 

From minimalist contemporary looks, to signature styles inspired by classic design, Caracole is the epitome of modern luxury. 

These timeless looks are always on trend. Bringing together superior craftsmanship with incredible style, interior spaces are reimagined with expression and creativity.

Caracole Meet U In The Middle Bed
Meet U In The Middle Bed UK King


Caracole’s award-winning designers take inspiration from art, fashion, and architecture to bring a balance of whimsy and luxury to modern designs. Each piece is filled with flair and built for longevity. 

Combining familiarity and comfort with touches of luxury, Caracole offers a stylish selection of dressers, desks, upholstery, tables and cabinets as well as mirrors to elevate interiors in every room of the home.



Featuring the brand’s largest and most varied collection, Caracole Classic is playful with an emphasis on individuality to deliver high-style furniture. Each piece elevates function to its finest form with defining details and unique materials that leave a lasting impression. Elegant fabrics, pearlescent finishes and metallic gold speak of understated glamour. While cleverly designed cabinetry reveals hidden electronic charging stations to provide multi-functional practicality.

Caracole Waterside Cabinet
Waterside Sideboard Cabinet


Reflecting simplicity in design, Caracole Modern furnishings are designed for contemporary living, featuring clean lines and sharp silhouettes. Custom veneers add interest and visual dimension to tables and dressers, while chairs wrapped in tactile fabrics offer a timeless appeal that highlights quality craftsmanship and sophistication. The Modern portfolio is perfectly suited to a minimalist apartment, penthouse, or townhouse.

Caracole Modern Edge Collection
Caracole Edge Dining Table


Crafted for high-design connoisseurs, Signature Debut offers a statement in luxury that is unparalleled. Graceful curves, sculptural silhouettes and unique forms are brought to life through fine materials, including polished metals, glimmering crystal and ebonised lacquer. Stylised cabinetry features custom-made hardware that lends an element of distinction, while contrasting finishes make a dramatic impact.

Signature Debut offers a regal look that is at once luxurious and glamorous as it is elegant and refined.

Caracole Signature Debut Collection
From middle right to bottom right; The Sophisticated Side Table, The Drink Table


To view the Caracole collection, please visit our online store or you can visit us in-store where we have a selection of Caracole pieces on display. Please click here for details of our showroom opening times and location.