From console tables to sideboards - our in-house interior designer Nicole is back with her top styling tips. This week, she casts her expert eye over sideboard styling, offering tricks and ideas on how to decorate your sideboard with the flair and elegance of a designer. Read on to learn how to style your sideboard like a pro. In the market for a new sideboard? Take a look at in-stock sideboards over on our website.

Nicole's Sideboard Styling Master Class
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How to Style a Sideboard

Sideboard Styling Tips

Sideboards combine practicality with style. While they are most commonly used in dining rooms and kitchen interiors to store tableware, sideboards are highly versatile. They work in many other rooms where storage and style are required. Sideboards look great as an accent piece in a large hallway or can be placed in your living room to stow away board games and media items out of sight. Wherever it's placed, your sideboard should be beautifully styled to match your interior. This means taking the time to think about what you'll display on and around your sideboard, rather than what'll be inside it. Below I've put together three chic sideboard looks to make your interior styling easy. Use my tips to inspire your styling or recreate the look in your own home by following my tagged product links.

Sideboard styling - Contemporary Rustic

Style #1

Contemporary Rustic

One of the best techniques for sideboard styling is grouping. Use groups of two or three accessories to create a stylish display. For this look, I've selected a pair of matching vases but you can also use a pair of different accessories for the same effect. It's also a great place for displaying glassware or your favourite drinks.

Books are not just for coffee table styling. You can create a book stack and place small home accessory items on the top as an alternative to a tray.

Position an item on the wall above the sideboard to create a feature. For this look, I've picked a round mirror to soften the look and match the rounded forms of the lamp and vases.

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Sideboard styling - Cool Country

Style #2

Cool Country

Less in more in this sideboard set-up. Neutral colours run throughout the theme, tying the look together. With a small sideboard like this one, let a handful of home accessories do the talking.

I've selected tall, minimalist artwork with a neutral frame to match the wooden sideboard and overlapped accessories in front of it to create a dynamic and curated feel. The artwork isn't complex meaning that it doesn't get lost behind the accessories. In fact, the vases and lamp act as a frame around the wall art with rounded shapes and subtle texture contrasts that create a casual and considered look.

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Sideboard styling - Understated Luxe

Style #3

Understated Luxe

For a look of luxury, create symmetry with your sideboard styling. Here I've chosen a pair of lamps but you could use vases, sculptures or ornaments. This shagreen sideboard is wide, allowing the lamps to sit at either side without obscuring the view of the artwork. You could even choose multiple artwork items and create a gallery wall.

Create cohesion by matching the metal finishes with the sideboard fixtures. While the colour palette is deep and luxurious, brassy metallics throughout bring the decor surrounding the sideboard together. Get creative, playing around with different scales and heights to create dimension and interest.

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How to Style Your Sideboard

Whatever the size or design of your sideboard, use my interior styling tips and tricks to make sure that it is decorated to perfection. Looking for more advice? Read my other blog posts here or get in touch with the Pavilion Broadway Interior Design team.

Nicole Grey, Interior Designer at Pavilion Broadway

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