Designed with passion, Four Seasons Outdoor is a high-quality garden furniture brand originating from Holland. Pairing extraordinary design with great comfort and weather-resistant abilities. Each piece is expertly hand-crafted, delivering exceptional garden furniture that will withstand the test of time.

Combining technical knowledge with minimalist style, Four Seasons Outdoor is an outstanding collection of outdoor furniture for the modern garden and home.

Sempre Dining Set



The Four Seasons Outdoor dining and lounge sets are a stylish addition to any garden patio or conservatory. Renowned for their durable, weather-resistant properties, these contemporary pieces undergo rigorous testing at every stage of production.


All Four Seasons Outdoor dining and lounge chairs feature machine-washable covers made from Olefin. This fabric has all kinds of unique properties. The raw material in olefin is oil, which makes the fabric water repellent, colour-resistant and UV-resistant.


Dining chairs and lounge chairs feature sumptuously padded cushions in contemporary colours that are complimentary to their outdoor surroundings. The light grey and anthracite tones work harmoniously with lush green lawns and stone-laid patios.



Four Seasons Outdoor wooden garden tables, lounge sets and garden chairs are all made from teak. This type of wood is a tropical hardwood species with many practical features. This makes it a very suitable material for garden furniture. Untreated teak starts off a golden brown colour and develops a handsome, silver-grey patina over time. It features a natural oil content that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

All Four Seasons Outdoor garden furniture and teak components are accredited to certified British standards and originate from legal plantations. The timber is suitable for extraction after at least 15 years.


Minimalist and stylish, most of the chairs and garden furniture sets feature rope-like designs. The high-quality, synthetic material is wrapped around a robust stainless steel frame to create a series of intricate patterns and knots. This incredibly durable material feels soft to the touch, and is very water-repellent, UV-resistant and colourfast.


Hularo wicker is much more durable than its natural counterpart, and guaranteed not to discolour, tear or loosen. Made by the most advanced machines, this synthetic thread is of the highest quality European materials.

Fabric Dining Set


Four Seasons Outdoor is synonymous with quality, durability and minimalist Scandinavian style. These contemporary pieces are skilfully crafted by artisans, making Four Seasons Outdoor garden furniture a superb choice for your home and garden.

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