11 captivating new shades from paint experts, Farrow & Ball, are the latest addition to the collection in four years. With over 132 colours in their repertoire, Farrow & Ball know a thing or two about colour.

Featured colours: Hopper Head, Stirabout and Bamboozle (image courtesy of Farrow & Ball)

Farrow & Ball’s new paint colours

Synonymous with depth of colour and richly pigmented hues, Farrow & Ball paint colours respond to light as it varies throughout the day. From uplifting to dramatic, different moods can be created to ensure the perfect match for any interior scheme.

Inspired by moments of joy, comfort, and refreshment, each of these new colours offer something for everyone. From deep reds to muted greys and warming pinks (which has seen a surge in popularity over recent years) there is a colour to suit all styles of décor.

Calming neutrals

Starting at the neutral end of the colour spectrum is Stirabout, a versatile, earthy tone that creates a cocooning, relaxed feel. Its name is inspired by the nurturing effects of an Irish porridge. Eddy, a soft, calming green, is perfect for relaxing spaces and garden rooms due to its delicate notes and connection to nature. Slight grey undertones give it a grounded, earthy feel.

Warming pinks and reds

The palette then leans into the warming shades of pinks and reds. Starting with Tailor Tack, a light, delicate pink, inspired by the tacking thread of Haute Couture ateliers. Templeton Pink delivers a historic feel (although it suits a contemporary space just as well) and creates a warm, welcoming space where the shade is deepened in low light. Bamboozle packs a punch, and is a spirited, flame-red that brings joy to any traditional or modern interior space.

Templeton Pink

Green and blue paints

Selvedge and Kittiwake are light to mid-tone blues and create a familiar and friendly atmosphere due to their versatility. Paired with darker, accent colours, Selvedge is ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. While Kittiwake, a cool blue, complements contemporary kitchens and spaces that require a sophisticated feel.

For an uplifting vibe, try Whirlybird, a lively green that looks particularly inviting in morning light and is a colour that is both restful and enriching. Beverly, a clean mid green, is a dependable colour that reacts differently to light. Bright and uncomplicated in the daytime, it becomes more conservative as the evening light settles in.

Dark tones

The moodier hues of Hopper Head and Wine Dark, immediately make a space feel warm and more intimate. In low-light, Wine Dark becomes even richer, making it the perfect choice for spaces where you spend time in the evening. It is particularly glamorous by candlelight. For cosy spaces, Hopper Head is a classic dark tone that works beautifully with nearly any Farrow & Ball shade. Painted across walls, woodwork and the ceiling, this charcoal colour gives drama to any room.

Wine Dark

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