With more than 25 years of industry experience, Theodore Alexander has established itself as one of the finest luxury furniture brands in the world. This designer brand offers a range of quality, high-end furniture, handcrafted by talented artisans using time-honoured skills and techniques.

High-End Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of Theodore Alexander furniture is unrivalled. From delicate inlaid surfaces to decorative hand-applied veneers, the artistry of each piece is simply stunning. The brand is synonymous by high-end quality, creating beautiful furniture that is designed to be adored for a lifetime. The materials used and depth of rich details will stand the test of time. Each and every element is handcrafted - from the initial starting point of the frame and legs, to the smallest and most intricate of finishes. Theodore Alexander even have their very own foundry where they form, make and finish their metal hardware such as drawer handles and leg caps.

Theodore Alexander Furniture Lifestyle
Pictured: Stafford Coffee Table

The Beginning

Theodore Alexander was established in 1996 by Paul Maitland Smith. At this point in his career, Smith was already making his mark as an industry legend. He’d lived and travelled across Southeast Asia, discovering unique materials and artisan techniques. Using this newfound knowledge, he'd developed his own furniture designs, showcasing them at some of the most notable fine furniture shows across the globe. Theodore Alexander was a compilation of Smith’s passion for artisan craftsmanship, excellent quality and fine materials - and remains so to this very day.

Designer-Led Collections

Theodore Alexander furniture is characterised by innovative, original designs that express a timeless style. These modern pieces are perfectly suited to a range of luxurious and high-end homes, with casual, contemporary and more eclectic styles to choose from. To diversify the range, Theodore Alexander also collaborate with selected designers from all over the world – including Hong-Kong based architect Steve Leung as well as American Interior Designers Alexa Hampton and Jamie Drake – offering dedicated collections that bring a unique flair to the brand.

Steve Leung Collection by Theodore Alexander
Pictured: (Left to right) Loop Armchair, Lean Accent Table, Loop Sofa, Inherit Marble Coffee Table & Inherit Glass Coffee Table

The Theodore Alexander brand has been part of Pavilion Broadway's story since the early days of the business. We began by selling their traditional furniture pieces and antique reproductions. But today, we have shifted our focus to a more contemporary appeal and offer the more up to date style of the brand’s modern and contemporary furniture pieces. Shop the full range online here or visit us in-store.

Featured Collections...

Echoes Collection

Casual Country Style

The hand-hewn look of the Echoes collection is a delight for sleek, country style interiors. These rustic pieces are beautifully handcrafted with both traditional features - turned legs, slatted shelves and tapering forms - and contemporary elements - angular frames, industrial metals and shagreen embossed inlays - to suit varying styles of home.

Herringbone parquetry characterises the furniture in this collection, bringing a rustic and tactile texture. A light wood 'Echo Oak' finish adds warmth to neutral living spaces, while the deeper 'Dark Echo Oak' finish offers a richer colour for a more impactful presence in your home.

Oasis Collection

Delicate Modern Classicism

The Oasis collection is a beautiful blend of style and structure. As the name might suggest, the furniture in this collection has a serene appeal with soft marble surfaces and glistening polished brass finishes, contrasted with eye-catching geometric veneers and supple leathers. The designs translate hints of classic style into elegant furniture pieces for modern homes. Theodore Alexander itself describes this collection as "a sanctuary for living".

Avenue Montaigne

French Influences for the 21st Century

Taking it's name from the Parisian street, this collection is inspired by the promenades of iconic French fashion. Avenue Montaigne is a casual furniture collection with an underlining symmetry of sleek, simplistic lines. The rich dark wood veneers are interwoven with vibrant brass finishes, while neutral upholstery adds a contemporary appeal. A sophisticated up-to-date take on classic French style that's perfect for casual modern living.