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  1. 13 Modern Mirror Designs

    13 Modern Mirror Designs

    Take inspiration from one of fashion's most iconic tastemakers, Yves Saint Laurent, and accessorise every room with a mirror. From statement mirrors with bold and dramatic frames to subtle contemporary and modern mirror designs, ensure that you open up your space with reflections. "I can't live in a room without a mirror, another space, another dimension. When there isn't one...
  2. Alfresco Dining - Outdoor Dining Rooms & How To Style Them

    Alfresco Dining - Outdoor Dining Rooms & How To Style Them

    Ensure your outdoor dining room is a as stylish as your interior. Discover how to pull off the most memorable alfresco dining event of the summer. Originating from the Italian 'al fresco' meaning 'in the fresh (air)', dining alfresco translates in today’s English to taking dinner outdoors. The warm weather is here, Wimbledon is in full swing and the height of the summer season is not...
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