In all walks of life, colour influences the world around us. From high-street fashion and business branding to healing therapies and emotion – colour makes an impression on our lives daily, often without being consciously aware of it.

Colour Psychology

An Interior Design Essential

The world of interiors is no different. What makes a room feel homely and welcoming on entering in comparison to another that feels dramatic and intimate is, in-part, triggered by the colours used. Colour psychology tells us that colour is closely connected to emotion. This means that the colours used in a room will influence the feel of a space. This impact is unconscious and instant, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Interior designers use colour as a tool to establish the ambience of a room, carefully considering colour palettes at the outset of a project.

Interior Colour Trends

To Try in Your Home

If you’re looking to create a particular ambience in a space, make sure to do your research on which colours will help you create a certain feeling. To get you started, we’ve put together 6 interior colour trends to try in your home. Whether it’s a complete interior overhaul or a few simple style swaps, read on to find out how these 6 colours will influence the feel of your home…

blue interior design trend picturing a dark blue room with bed and dark blue headboard

Create a Calm & Serene Space with....

Blue Interior Design

Blue is a popular colour choice for interiors. But what is it about blue that makes it so appealing? Blue is commonly associated with tranquil spaces. It evokes feelings of calm, perhaps due to its links to water and the sky. It is also thought to inspire productivity, making blue a great addition to a home office. Lighter shades from powder through to baby blue may seem old fashioned, but these can be used to bring a fresh and traditional feel to a room. Darker shades such as teal and navy are commonly used as paint colours in modern and contemporary homes, creating a feature of chimney breasts, kitchen cabinetry or wall panelling. For this, Farrow & Ball have a selection of beautiful blue paints. Otherwise, look to add some blue to your home with a statement blue chair or throw cushions.

yellow interior design trend featuring a yellow modular sofa in a modern living room with white coffee table

Instil a Bright & Energetic Atmosphere with...

Yellow Interior Design

Yellow is synonymous with warmth and energy and the same can be said for the interior colour trend. Like it lifts one's spirits, adding shades of yellow to a room instantly makes it feel more inviting by creating a bright and friendly atmosphere. It works particularly well in cooler, north-facing rooms as it infuses a space with warmth – perfect for bringing summer into your home on greyer days. From the citrus shades of lemon to warmer shades of honey, mustard and ochre, yellow decor comes in an array of bright and mellow tones to suit your style. However, be aware that without careful consideration of styling, a complete re-design of your interior in yellow risks a room feeling harsh. Try selecting key pieces such as statement upholstery and accessories to add this energising colour into your home. The effect will be subtler yet far more impactful, while still infusing your space with the warmth you are seeking.

green interior design trend picturing a neutral living room with large window and light coloured sofa opposite a dark green armchair

Connect with Nature & Bring Balance with...

Green Interior Design

Directly associated with the environment and nature, green establishes a connection between our homes and the outside world. In nature, the colour green brings harmony and balance. It is a reflection of a healthy and abundant world that is successfully producing the nutrients it needs. We already know that adding green plants to our homes is a perfect starting point for bringing nature in. But when used in other ways, what is the effect? Like blue, colour psychology tells us that green instils feelings of calm, creating a refreshing and relaxed mood in a space. However, brighter shades such as emerald are much more energetic. A dark green velvet sofa in a living room like this one by Eichholtz or an upholstered headboard in the bedroom are supremely stylish. The effect is intense and dramatic, becoming the focal point of a space while deepening a neutral palette.

orange interior design trend picturing a long dining table with 4 orange upholstered chairs and a ombre orange rug

Infuse a Room with Warmth with...

Orange Interior Design

In a room, orange has many of the same qualities as yellow. This comes as no surprise as, naturally, these colours sit seamlessly together. Adding orange to your interior infuses it with warmth and energy. A statement piece in a bright shade such as gold or apricot instantly adds a pop of colour as well as fun and vibrancy to a room. Darker shades of orange such as bronze and rust offer a more muted alternative, creating a calmer, more intimate room. Burnt orange brings an autumnal feeling to a space but can also be used to offset grey upholstery and add warmth to neutral settings at other times of the year.

monochrome interior design trend featuring a large silver coloured sofa decorated with gold and black and white scatter cushions

Add a luxurious & high-end mood with...

Monochrome Interior Design

While not as vibrant as other colours, the blend of black and white is just as impactful. As last year’s interior trends told us, monochrome colours transcend season and style, creating a luxurious and high-end feel in a space. The black and white palette is highly versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. White walls with black furniture creates a bright and airy space with a traditional feel, while darker walls with white furniture makes for a cosier, more dramatic mood. Remember to add metallic finishes in amongst your fixtures and finishes to balance this striking colour contrast and avoid making rooms feel cold.

pink interior design trend featuring a light pink sofa and chair in a light and spacious living room with pink wall

Create a Fun & Retro Style Space with...

Pink Interior Design

A pop of candy colour is a more unusual choice for an interior but hear us out. Although usually associated as a more feminine palette, pink shades leaning towards darker and more neutral trends can be incredibly masculine. According to colour psychology, pink evokes feelings of fun and joy. In interior design, pink brings a retro feel to a space, especially when paired with scalloped shapes on chairs like this one by Pavilion Chic and mirrors. Style with gold finishes and accessories for a classic decor combo. Bright pink and pastel colours add vibrancy to a modern setting, while warmer hues bring a chic feel to traditional settings. However, pink also risks looking childish and gaudy if not carefully considered so be sure to create a complementary tonal balance.