Take inspiration from one of fashion's most iconic tastemakers, Yves Saint Laurent, and accessorise every room with a mirror. From large designer wall mirrors for your living room to trendy contemporary mirrors for your bathroom, modern mirror designs come in all styles and shapes to open up your interior with reflections.

"I can't live in a room without a mirror, another space, another dimension. When there isn't one, the room is dead."

- Yves Saint Laurent

Our designer mirrors explore a range of styles, transitioning from traditional and simple scandi frames to bold art deco and statement wall mirrors for drama and impact. Each mirror in our collection has been carefully considered from an interior designer's point of view. From the high-end aesthetic of brands such as Theodore Alexander and Eichholtz to the classical styles of Jonathan Charles and affordable modern mirror designs from Pavilion Chic - our collection ensures a designer mirror for every room of the home. In the 21st century, mirrors are for more than just function. Decorative mirrors are rapidly making their mark in the home accessories market. Part substance, part style, today's modern mirror designs pair function with form. They draw our attention and make a statement in our homes.

Make a Statement in Your Home with These 13 Modern Mirror Designs

Geometric Modern Mirror Design for Living Room
Featured: Plum Geometric Wall Mirror

1. Geometric Mirrors

Modern Mirror Designs for Dimension & Sharp Lines

Geometric wall mirrors are often some of the most unique modern mirror designs. From ornate quatrefoils and hexagon mirrors to irregular 8-sided frames, geometric shaped mirrors have a diverse linear structure. These mirrors are dramatic and eye-catching. More suited to modern and contemporary living spaces, geometric wall mirrors can be tied into an existing room scheme by matching the frame colour with other fixtures in your interior. Bronze, copper and gold highlights will draw attention.

Convex and Concave Modern Mirror Design for Living Room

2. Convex Mirrors

Modern Mirrors for Creative Distortion

As our in-house Interior Designer tells us in her helpful mirror buying guide, convex and concave mirrors are added to a scheme for decoration more than function. They play with light, bouncing it around a room. As a decorative mirror in themselves, convex mirrors and can be used to break up wall art. For best effect, style decorative convex mirrors of different sizes together in pairs or threes to create a unique and interesting feature of an empty wall. You can also build them into your gallery wall decor by selecting a convex or concave curved mirror with the same frame colour as your artwork.

eichholtz convex mirrorPavilion Chic Hailey Silver Framed Convex Mirror
Starburst Modern Mirror Design for Dining Room

3. Starburst Mirrors

Modern Mirrors For A Dramatic Focal Point

Starburst mirrors (also known as sunburst mirrors) are eye-catching and dramatic. They add instant decoration to empty interior walls. Metallic colours such as gold, silver and brass are commonly found decorating these modern mirror designs, replicating the warm and iridescent tones of the beaming sun and twinkling starlight. Great for placement in hallways and cubbyhole nooks, large starburst mirrors will add flair to otherwise empty spaces, while making an interior feel larger and luxurious. Enhance the drama by styling as the sole piece above a console table. Or create symmetry by pairing either side of a fireplace.

Window Style Modern Mirror Design for Bedroom
Featured: Faith Wall Mirror

4. Window Style Mirrors

Modern Mirrors For Architectural Style

Window mirrors are hugely decorative. They can be styled to either match or contrast the shapes of the window frames in your home. While more modern houses and city apartments will likely find themselves with square or rectangular windows, an older property might have large windows with dramatic arches and curves. So if you're looking for traditional flair in a modern property, an arched window mirror can be used to create a classic and period feel. Window style mirrors aren't limited to go-to rectangular and arched forms however. They are also made in the form of nautical portholes and antique mirror glass to create a magnificent illusion!

Baroque Modern Mirror Design for Bedroom
Featured: Baines Baroque Wall Mirror

5. Baroque Mirrors

Modern Mirror Designs Inspired by 17th Century Europe

Baroque mirrors take inspiration from an artistic style that was prominent in Europe throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries. Inspiring architecture, dance, music and sculpture, Baroque style was famed for its dynamic approach to emotion and movement. Baroque mirrors are characterised by their intricate frame detail featuring floral motifs. Over the past few years, this style of mirror has been growing in popularity, becoming alternative modern mirror designs for the 21st century home. Large leaner and floor-length designs can be propped against interior walls to bring a casual and relaxed feel to bedrooms and living rooms. Gold, silver and bronze colours create a luxe look, capturing the essence of classical Baroque design. Meanwhile, variations in off-white, cream and black have been designed to better suit the colour schemes of contemporary interiors.

Pavilion Chic Rectory Silver Ornate Framed Mirror
Ornate Modern Mirror Design for Bedroom

6. Ornate Mirrors

Modern Mirrors For Elegant Style

Ornate mirrors have beautifully decorated frames, often with florals, finials and motifs that reflect styles of past eras like Baroque or the French Renaissance. Pairing function with elegant decoration, large ornate mirrors are favoured for their exquisite designs and attention to detail. Use an ornate wall mirror as part of a traditional or classical scheme. Alternatively, style in a more modern setting to add refinement and detail to a contemporary living room.

Art Modern Mirror Design for Wall
Featured: Brassey Multi Circle Mirror

7. Mirrored Wall Art

Modern Mirrors For Decorative Design

While some mirrors simply serve a purpose, others modern mirror designs are used to maximise decoration. Mirrored wall art pairs the spacial and illuminative properties of mirror glass with innovative and abstract design. These are intended to stand out, becoming staple pieces of mirror art wall decor. Like the convex mirror, these mirrors can be styled among gallery walls to break up busy artwork. Alternatively, mirrored wall art can be used to draw attention to a particular wall, becoming the focal point of a space.

Eichholtz Hexa Wall Mirror
Shagreen Modern Mirror Design for Dining Room
Featured: 1930s Round Wall Mirror

8. Shagreen Mirrors

Modern Mirror Designs with Tactile Texture

Shagreen - or faux shagreen - is a leather type material with a rich and tactile texture that replicates the appearance of stingray or reptile skin. When used to frame mirrors, the effect is truly luxurious. Shagreen mirrors offer a beautiful balance of high-end design and intricate texture. They will make a striking feature on interior walls when used as a focal shagreen accessory. To enhance the impact, they can be styled alongside shagreen and faux shagreen furniture in matching colours to create complete interior sets with a tactile texture and sophisticated appeal.

Modern Mirror Design for Bathroom
Featured: Chamberlayne Overmantel Mirror with Shelf

9. Wall Mirrors with Shelves

A Modern Mirror Design for Bathroom

Mirrors with shelves are perfect for a variety of living spaces. They enhance the light and space of a room, while the shelf provides the perfect placement opportunity for accessories in-keeping with your interior scheme. A large mirror with shelf will look beautiful in the hallway or above a fireplace as a mantelpiece alternative. But where modern mirror designs with shelves will be most suited is the bathroom. Proving that bathroom vanity mirrors need not be plain, wall mirrors with shelves can be used to add style to a bathroom space. Simply select a finish to suit your interior aesthetic. Perhaps a gold and marble mirror will add a touch of chic colour to your family bathroom? Or maybe a black industrial mirror with shelf will be more suited to your scheme? However you style it, a wall mirror with shelf is both trendy and functional.

Chamberlayne Metal Mirror with Shelf BronzeMiserden Leaner Ladder Shelf with Mirror
Vintage Modern Mirror Design for Living Room
Featured: Mountbatten Mirror

10. Vintage Mirrors

Modern Mirrors with An Aged & Antique Presence

If your signature style is all about vintage, then you will be needing a vintage mirror that's in-keeping with your interior design. Vintage style mirrors come in a range of sizes and styles. Weathered finishes and distressed frames give these mirrors an aged character that echoes a past life. If you're going classic vintage, you'll be looking for a mirror with a simply decorated frame that might feature ornate patterning or a floral crest. For a more contemporary approach, try an antique glass mirror. The distressed visual texture of the glass creates an aged presence that offers a modern take on vintage style.

Rustic Wooden Modern Mirror Design for Living Room

11. Rustic Mirrors

Modern Mirror Designs to Add Interior Warmth

Rustic mirrors are all about creating interior warmth. Made from a range of natural materials, these minimalistic pieces place prominence on warm wood textures across beautifully balanced designs that don't overcomplicate. Rustic mirrors made from materials like rattan and bamboo create an organic, almost bohemian feel. Meanwhile, light and washed woods make use of subtle textures in the woodgrain to create warmth and interest. Thanks to the simplicity of these wooden designs, many rustic mirrors will also work within a scandi style setting.

Industrial Style Modern Mirror Design for Dining Room
Featured: Ascott Wire Frame Mirror

12. Industrial Style Mirrors

Modern Mirrors with Striking Metal Frames

Industrial mirrors are characterised by their striking designs. They are often made from metals such as wrought iron and stainless steel. These mirrors beautifully complement industrial style spaces such as city apartments and quayside properties. However, they can also be used to instil an industrial essence in contemporary living spaces. Large metal and wire mirrors with great window panes resemble the mighty windows of industrial buildings, creating the illusion of an industrial home. Bronze and copper tones across industrial wall mirrors enhance the overall effect, especially when applied with distressed finishes to give a raw and tarnished look.

Contemporary Modern Mirror Design for Living Room
Featured: Contemporary Inverted Arch Wall Mirror

13. Contemporary Mirrors

Chic & Abstract Modern Mirror Designs

Contemporary mirrors are for those seeking something a little different from their home decor. Often, contemporary mirrors encompass abstract and innovative forms that are designed to stand out. From multi circle mirrors and dramatic arches to intentional overlaps, modern contemporary mirrors will certainly be noticed within your interior scheme. Calligaris is a brand that shows great examples of the diversity of contemporary mirrors. They offer creative designs and illusions that make statements in more ways than one, playing with light, colour and dimension.

Theodore Alexander Round Wall Mirror Devona