From arranging wall art in your bedroom and living room to creating the perfect gallery wall, our in-house interior designer Nicole is back offering her insights into how to arrange wall art to suit your space. Read on to discover her expert guide to hanging artwork above sofas, console tables and fireplaces. Alternatively, head straight over to our website to shop in-stock wall art for your home.

How to Arrange a Gallery Wall

How to Arrange a Gallery Wall

If you've got lots of artwork to display, try creating a gallery wall. Framed art, canvas prints and photography can all be used to create a gallery wall. You can design a gallery wall in a number of ways. Here are 3 ideas that are always my go-to:

how to design a gallery wall

1. Equal spacing between prints

Match the clean lines of a luxurious setting with an equally spaced gallery wall. Smart and sophisticated, this layout draws attention and looks particularly striking in a room with high ceilings.

2. Grouping centred on eyeline

For simple styling, achieve gallery style by taking a minimalist approach. Create a gallery group centred on the eyeline (typically 160cm).

3. A creative arrangement

For creative arrangements, start with the largest piece of artwork and build around it. Get the balance right by laying them out on the floor first and then translating this design onto the wall.

Tip: Don't just use any old artwork. Intentionally choose photos and prints with a common theme or colour. Match and coordinate frame colours to tie in with other finishes in your room.

how to create a gallery wall
How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Fireplace

How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Fireplace

Framed wall art is perfect for above the fireplace. You can choose to highlight one large print or use multiple artwork pieces to draw attention.

While hanging wall art above a fireplace seems straightforward, it's important to consider fireplace and wall art proportions.

Tip: Choose a piece of artwork that is narrower than your fireplace but let the height of the room and width of the chimney breast dictate the orientation and scale.

If you've got high ceilings, a tall rectangular wall art piece looks particularly striking.

How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Fireplace
how to arrange wall art above a sofa

How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Sofa

Wall art is perfect for placement above the sofa. It creates an instant feature in your living room and helps a room feel homely and personalised. More often than not, sofas are placed against or parallel with interior walls. This makes them great for framing artwork above and creating a smart, symmetrical look in a room.

how to arrange wall art above a sofa

When it comes to hanging wall art above your sofa, you have two main options. Either use artwork to frame the sofa or utilise the whole wall to create a big, stand-out display.

Tip: As a general rule, allow at least 20cm above the top of the sofa. But also consider the space between the sofa and the ceiling or cornice to make sure that the proportions feel balanced.

If you're unsure which style to choose, I'd recommend an arrangement like one of these below:

how to arrange wall art above a sofa
How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Console Table
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How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Console Table

As outlined in my Guide to Styling a Console Table, artwork is a great pairing with a console table. Like sofas and fireplaces, they create a perfect frame for artwork with their straight lines and wide tabletops.

If you have a large wall to fill, use 'oversized' artwork to make a big impression above a small console table and select a simple composition of accessories below to let the wall art do the talking.

Alternatively, style a single wall art piece above your console to draw the eye and create a simple feature.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, select artwork that is slightly narrower than your console table.

How to Arrange Wall Art Above a Console Table

How to Arrange Wall Art to Suit Your Space

Hanging wall art made easy. Whether it's hanging artwork above your sofa, console table, fireplace or creating the perfect gallery wall, use my top tips to style your wall art like a designer. Looking for more advice? Read more of my blog posts here or contact the our Interior Design Team.

Nicole Grey, Interior Designer at Pavilion Broadway

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