Located in the heart of the West Midlands, RV Astley are a family-born designer lighting, mirror and furniture brand renowned for their stylish, contemporary look that exudes the aura of a luxury boutique hotel or high-end London apartment.

Having joined our ever-growing brand collection in early 2018, RV Astley is a brand that the team at Pavilion Broadway have come to love. So, in this blog post, we thought we’d explain a little more about why, where the brand originates from and who exactly RV Astley are…


Family Heritage

Today, RV Astley design and develop their very own designer lighting, mirrors and luxury furniture. But, this hasn’t always been their sole territory. Established in 1971, the brand originally began in the wholesaling industry, sourcing table lamps, home accessories and giftware. Following a wealth of success, RV Astley soon developed into a designer home hit and grew to encompass a complete interior experience. Furniture, mirrors and chandeliers all became part of the RV Astley brand, initially specialising in antique reproductions before growing into the boutique, luxury abode brand that the RV Astley logo resembles today. Donning the Astley surname, RV Astley is still a very much family-run and rooted brand with new generations of Astley family members steering the brand to further growth and success.

Driven by Design

Experts in working with glass and metal, these materials are the core component of many of RV Astley’s product ranges but the brand are certain to ensure that fashionable meets functional. The Ettore range pairs sharp lines with gloriously illuminative eucalyptus printed glass whilst 1930s inspired faux shagreen surfaces are made perfectly practical for the everyday home, fitted with an overlay of glass that offers a sleek touch with the abrasive visual texture of decorative shagreen. RV Astley’s keen eye for decorative design also urges them to collaborate with other established designers. The Hurricane table lamp is the best example of this, developed by RV Astley but designed by Thomas Griem, a London based architecture and design practice who specialise in creating and inspiring unconventional interiors – a design match for RV Astley when you take a moment to consider the Hurricane’s unique linear form and high-end boutique style.

Art Deco Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the classic designers of the early 20th century, RV Astley alter and adjust classic favourites to create furniture and lighting firmly rooted in the now, suiting modern and traditional spaces alike. Sharp lines, pleasing proportions and contrasting colours are all key features in RV Astley’s design process. Featuring an abundance of architecturally appealing table lamps, the RV Astley brand encompasses a modern hotel chic style inspired by the character and charm of period European designs. In January 2018, RV Astley appeared at the Maison&Objet show in Paris, a lifestyle event that exhibits decoration, design and interior inspiration from across the world, unveiling their Astley Made in England collection featuring a selection of new and re-designed mirror, furniture and lighting models set to make a scene in the interiors world later on this year.