From architectural masterpiece to simple modern statement - at the heart of any living room sits the coffee table. Independent and all encompassing, coffee tables are the tie that bring any living room interior together.

Proud to provide over 160 luxury coffee tables from a broad selection of high-end brands, our designer coffee table collection offers an eclectic mix of shapes, styles, materials and designs, boasting a wide range of living room table statements for every style of home. Here at Pavilion Broadway, we see ourselves as experts in living room interior fashion and coffee table connoisseurs so we’ve chosen 4 coffee table styles that we’re absolutely obsessed with right now, including details of how you can achieve the perfect living room look by teaming your coffee table with some of our favourite home style accessories.


Magnificent Marble

Marble surfaces have been one of the most popular interior choices for the past few years and this style statement is showing no signs of vacating modern interior fashion in the near future. White or Bianco lilac marble is a great go-to, an effortless fit in any interior space, but rich black and brown marble surfaces are also very in. Bronze, gold and chrome metallics work beautifully with this style of coffee table, the sharp contrast in visual texture accentuating the marbles natural beauty. Not only is a marble coffee table gorgeously glossy and sleek to the touch but each marble surface is individually unique, the marbles natural detail differing from one coffee table to the next. What’s more, marble effect surfaces are just as beautiful, glossy and luscious as the real thing so you can create a luxury living room interior in any style of home.

parlane_chess_set_black_white_silver_34cm Coffee Table Ely in Marble tray_sirenuse_in_antique_brass_1
round_coffee_table_fisher_in_marble_-_brass_1 Pavilion Chic Decorative Coral Ornament Rosario in Ceramic White Coffee Table Fredo Set of 2 with Marble Top


Inspired by Nature

Fashioned by mother nature herself, surfaces made from natural, organic materials are a unique way to inject immediate texture and warmth into an interior. At the heart of rustic or industrial living rooms, a natural wood or stone coffee table is a gorgeous foal point. Wood is a stylish surface option, organic textures like rough bark, natural woodgrain and petrified wood offer the beauty of unique natural pattern from the outdoors. For an alternative coffee table touch, why not look to a surface of stone? Naturally banded, agate is a gorgeous gemstone renowned for its opulent colour and glistening quality. When collaged together on a surface, a glossy and illuminative finish is created, offering a coffee table that does not compromise on beauty or functionality. And the best part is, just like nature herself, coffee tables with these natural surfaces are at their most beautiful when accessorising is kept to a minimum – a simple vase, floral arrangement or candle will do. The real beauty is on the surface, where less is most certainly more.

best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas7 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas8 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas9
lsa_bar_spirits_decanter_1.8l_clr best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas11 plate_banana_leaf_glass_green_1


Statement Bases

A coffee table with a bold statement base is an impressive way to make your living room pop. These bold framework coffee tables demand attention, drawing the eye and clearly marking the desired focal point of your living room. Architectural beauty abound, a statement coffee table is certain to impress your guests. For utmost impact, choose a coffee table with a striking statement base in polished shades of gold, nickel or brass and team together with accessories in matching tones. Even a centre designer tray will do, marking a central statement that oozes luxurious taste. Be daring – the bolder, the better!

best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas13 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas14 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas15
best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas16 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas17 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas18


Practical Drawers

Whether your living room is small, large or somewhere in between, choosing a coffee table with drawers never goes amiss. Offering ideal space for magazines, pens and, of course, all the little bits and bobs around the home that we struggle to find a place for, a coffee table with drawers provides essential extra storage space that’s immediately accessible without leaving the comfort of your very own sofa. Wooden coffee tables such as oak, ash and pine are a textbook style for this coffee table design, channelling interior vibes from country contemporary farmhouse to industrial chic. Decorate with warm toned accessories - wicker baskets, ceramics, books or even a statement fruit bowl for a little fruity colour.

best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas19 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas20 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas21
best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas22 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas23 best-selling-coffee-tables-with-accessory-styling-ideas24