Home experts are predicting that all eyes will be on the front-of-house in 2023! Even as house prices continue to rise, people are looking for ways to add value to their homes through their front hallway, in personal and budget-friendly ways.

The hallway is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home, yet is so often neglected in favour of the more social rooms of the home. Considered the backbone of the building, it sets the tone for the rest of the house, and is the first thing you see when you enter through the front door. As such, the hallway deserves some special attention.

Although considered a small proportion of the home, hallway makeovers can make a big impact for people who want to make a warming first impression to match their individualistic interiors. It needs to be attractive and welcoming as well as functional and practical. Read on for our top front hallway decor ideas.


The front hallway offers you a chance to be brave and bold with paint colour - particularly as it is not a room that you will spend a lot of time relaxing or socialising in. If the rest of your home is painted in light or neutral tones, then the hallway is the perfect place to experiment with your playful side.

Painting it a dark colour will make the other rooms that lead off it seem brighter, and offers a practical solution to the scuff marks that often occur in a high thoroughfare area. That said, if your hallway offers you a glimpse into other rooms then you may prefer to keep things tonal and choose a colour that is complimentary to the rest of your decor. If you have a lot of natural light coming through then opting for a lighter, brighter colour will create a lovely calming feel and offers you the chance to keep things simple while focusing on furnishings and decorative accessories.

Wall panelling and patterned wallpaper adds interest and character and can be used to a break up a long, narrow hallway. Painted panelling on the bottom half of your wall, not only allows you to play with colour, it is also easier to touch-up if you have a period property that has tall walls scaling the height of the house.

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If your hallway is long and dark with very little natural light, then great lighting can make all the difference. Ceiling pendants are not only practical but they can also provide that wow factor upon entering. If you have ceiling height on your side, then consider a show-stopping chandelier or stand-out pendant for added drama.

For smaller spaces, wall lights allow for the light to be dispersed throughout the space and create a cocooning effect. Table lamps can be used to similar effect when placed on a console or hallway table for a soft glow that greets you at the end of the day.

Console Tables and Sideboards

If you have space, a console table can provide the perfect place to store keys, trinkets, decorative objects, post and a lamp or two. If you have a substantial amount of space then consider a large sideboard for additional storage or a hallway table with a vase of flowers will create the feeling of grandeur.

We have a large selection of console tables to choose from mid-century modern, to industrial, glam or farmhouse style. Play around with styling ideas for your console stable whilst making use of the space above to display a piece of artwork or create a gallery wall.

Benches and Storage

A bench can provide the perfect place to stop and put on your shoes as you head out the door. A hardwearing material like leather can be a practical choice for country houses, or opt for something a little more luxurious like a padded velvet bench to perch on as you prepare to leave the house.

Hallways often get cluttered up with coats, shoes and bags and can act as a dumping ground as you make your way through to the main part of the house. For a smart looking hallway, storage is key. A good storage bench that opens up offers the ideal place to sit, whilst also providing a place to hide all your hallway paraphernalia. If you have the space and budget, built-in cabinetry or a compact wardrobe can also provide plenty of storage options. And if you're short on space a simple coat rack or wall hooks will work well.


A well positioned mirror provides the perfect opportunity to bounce light around the room, and can reflect the light from the rooms that lead off it back into the hallway.

Try a large statement mirror above a console table, or group a collection of smaller ones together to create a focal point. Adding a mirror can enhance the feeling of space and with plenty of styles to choose from, the design options are limitless. We have a vast range of styles and sizes to suit all budgets, from vintage glam to rustic or industrial.


Flooring and floor treatment is incredibly important when redecorating or designing a front hallway, with practical flooring being the most suitable option. Wood (whether hardwood, engineered, or laminate) and tiles are easy to maintain and keep clean from the free-flowing traffic and is almost essential in any townhouse, country abode, or suburban home. An easy-to-maintain rug will help to keep your flooring immaculate and can be easily cleaned and refreshed. It also provides inviting warmth underfoot as you come home at the end of a long day.