If you want the fresh look of florals all year round, nothing beats artificial flowers. Faux flowers come in many varieties - from hydrangeas and roses to tulips and orchids - and are beautifully made, often looking just as life-like as the real thing. Better still, they require little to no maintenance and never wilt! Perfect for those of us who forget about watering...

Pictured (left to right): Izzo Small Green Vase, Chico Tall Vase & Chico Small Vase

Artificial Flowers for Autumn Winter Colour

The best thing about artificial flowers is that you don't have to wait for your favourites to be in season. You can decorate vases with any style and colour you like at whatever the time of year. As we transition from autumn into winter, we've put together a list of artificial flower decoration ideas to bring autumn winter colour to your home over the next few months.

Artificial Flower Decoration Ideas for Home: Create a Festive Feel with Red Flowers

Following On From Halloween, Bring in

Red Flowers

As we transition from the pumpkin orange and warm auburn tones of October, deepen the colour palette with red flowers. Go for more peachy shades if you're seeking a lighter look. Deeper red tones create a more intimate feel, especially as the evenings get darker.

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Although associated with valentines, red roses are not just for February. A vase of red roses on your coffee table or console adds autumnal warmth to a space, while nodding to the festive season ahead. Cyclamen are also naturally in season at this time of year so are great for an authentic look.

Artificial Flower Decoration Ideas for Home: Create a Winter Wonderland Theme with White Flowers

Mark the End of November with

White Flowers

The elegance of white flowers brings a fresh feel to a space. White is also a beautiful colour palette as we move towards Christmas. You can even keep white flowers in vases throughout December if you are decorating with a Winter Wonderland theme this year.

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White flowers are one of the most popular so there's plenty of choice for your autumn winter decor. If looking for a statement piece, why not opt for 1 or 2 artificial white orchid plants? If white flowers aren't really your style but you'd still like some festive colours throughout your arrangements, stick to red shades instead.

Artificial Flower Decoration Ideas for Home: Create Cosiness with Pussy Willow and Pampas Grass

Create Cosiness in December with

Pussy Willow & Pampas Grass

If florals aren't so much your thing, why not try artificial foliage instead? The feathery texture of pampas grass and the soft white buds of pussy willow are perfect for the winter season. Mostly neutral in colour, they are a great way to achieve a minimalist look in your home.

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Typically pussy willow isn't naturally in season until early spring but with artificial alternatives, you can style it in your home whenever you like! Pair with pampas grass to add cosy softness to your home decor. Keep styling simple with just 1 or 2 pieces as these will speak volumes in an interior. Don't feel the need to cram your space with foliage.

Decorate Winter Arrangements with


Rosehips and berries certainly have an autumnal if not festive feel. Rosehip sprays are formed once the rose has bloomed and its petals have fallen. What’s left then begins to ripen and becomes a seed-like form characterised by a red and pulpy appearance. Berries are synonymous with the winter season and can often be found laced in wreaths and garlands. They also come in simple sprig-like forms too.

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Style a cluster of faux rosehips or berries on their own in a glass vase or add individual artificial sprays to arrangements for autumnal texture.

Artificial Flower Decoration Ideas for Home: Mark the Beginning of Christmas with Wreaths

Nothing Says Christmas Like


As 25th December draws near, there's nothing quite like decorating your home with sprigs of holly, frosted pinecones and wreaths. These are classics of Christmas and artificial alternatives look just as good as the real thing.

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The front door is the perfect position for a wreath. To keep your wreath looking its best for longer, we'd recommend placing under a porch or roofed area so that it doesn't get damaged by frost, snow or direct rainfall. Wreaths also look just as good when used on internal doors or laid flat at the centre of your dining table.

In January, Swap Festive Colours for

Spring-like Blooms

By the time New Year's Day has passed by, we're guessing you will have had more than enough of those festive tones associated with Christmas. January is the perfect time to bring in hints of early spring colour.

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Swap your festive flowers for hints of soft green for a fresh feel. Artificial succulents and leafy blooms bring nature into your home while outside is more gloomy. Echo December with snowdrops or hint at more summery colours with potted floral arrangements.


Artificial flowers offer the versatility to decorate your home with your favourite florals all year round. An investment of a lifetime, faux flowers can be carefully stored and used year after year in your arrangements. Fool your friends by researching which flowers are naturally in season during the autumn winter months and style accordingly for an authentic look. Or go wild and style your favourites all year round!

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