Christmas is just around the corner. But before you delve into the back of the cupboard for that box of decorations, have you checked out the latest Christmas decoration ideas? We've picked out 4 of the best timeless colour themes to try when decorating your home this Christmas - perfect if you want decorations and home accessories that you can use year after year that never go out of style.

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2022

4 Timeless Themes to Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration Theme

1. Winter Wonderland

When someone says Christmas, what colours does your mind immediately wander to? We're guessing that it will be one of two colour combinations: red and gold or silver and white.

Sparkling Silvers & Frosty Whites

Nothing quite says winter like silver and white Christmas decorations. Whether it snows or not, Winter Wonderland tree decorations and ornaments create a magical, wintry feel inside your home. Take the edge off the coolness of white Christmas decorations with the warming glow of fairy lights.

Create a Cosy Space with Soft Fabrics

The Winter Wonderland decorating trend is one of the most luxurious in our list. Team with super soft throw blankets on sofas and beds to enhance the cosy theme. Swap out your regular scatter cushions for seasonal silver and white colours.

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Warm Cinnamon Christmas Decorating Trend

2. Warm Cinnamon

Whether it's baked into rolls, sprinkled onto a batch of freshly baked biscuits or wafting soothingly from a scented candle, cinnamon is a staple of Christmas. This makes it a perfect Christmas decorating trend to use year after year.

Toasty Shades to Warm The Soul

Our Warm Cinnamon edit looks to the warming shade of Christmas - neutral browns, hints of bronze and flourishes of amber. Just imagine yourself sitting in an armchair by the fire on a chilly December eve, the smell of cinnamon in the air as the lights on the tree flicker beneath pinecones and sprigs of holly...

Warm Neutrals & Hints of Bronze

Bring Warm Cinnamon to life in your home with wooden ornaments, bronze tree decorations and hints of orange and gold. Tartan, leather and check fabrics also look great with this Christmas decorating trend. Add texture with bean bags, throws and cushions to create a cosy woodland lodge ambience.

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Pretty Pastels Christmas Decorating Trend

3. Pretty Pastels

Think pink with Pretty Pastels. Less traditional but just as timeless, pastel Christmas tree decorations and ornaments create a soft and enchanting feel in your home. Say it with pinks and purples this Christmas (as well as greens, yellows and blues!)

Soft Pinks & Sparkling Details

Our Pretty Pastels theme is perfect for all the family. It celebrates the magic of Christmas, interlacing pastel tones with sequins, feathers, fairies and glitter that little ones will love.

Add Touches of Gold

Take the pastel theme a step further with home accessories. Incorporate artificial flowers into your seasonal arrangements or decorate with one of our model hot air balloons. Alternatively, take a more glamorous approach by breaking up pastels with hints of gold.

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Red and Gold Christmas Decorating Trend

4. Sweet Traditions

Last but not least in our list of Christmas decorating trends is Sweet Traditions. This theme is inspired by the sweet candy cane colours of the festive season, pairing red with gold for a truly traditional Christmas set-up.

Red & Gold: A Christmas Classic

You just can't quite beat the combination of red and gold Christmas decorations. A festive classic, this colour combo is popular year after year, making it truly timeless. While it may seem old fashioned, no one can deny its festive feel.

The Traditional Christmas Theme

In-keeping with this trends traditional theme, feel free to decorate with classic Christmas staples. Father Christmas tree decorations, deep red poinsettias, angel ornaments - all those things that are associated with the season. For something a little different, why not add one of our traditional style balance toys to your scheme? Break up the palette with greenery such as holly, ivy, wreaths and garlands.

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Whether you know exactly how your Christmas is going to look this year or are looking for Christmas decoration ideas, explore a unique selection of ornaments, tree decorations and gifts in our Online Christmas Shop.